My1stWish Smashes +100,000 eBay Feedback

Its not everyday someone can say they topped one thousand feedback comments on any platform, let alone one hundred times more.

I still remember getting my first score of 10, then 100 feedbacks and then another new star for 1,000 feedbacks, never did I believe back then that I’d personally top 14,000 feedback on single account on eBay, but be involved with companies that did this for breakfast.

One such company that I have had the delight of working with since its creation a few years ago was My1stWish and I’m happy to report that they recently topped the scale by achieving the level of over 100,000 positive comments on eBay.

The moment it happened was caught for wall mounting:


About My1StWish

If you’ve never heard of My1stWish, then you’ve never been in the eBay clothes, shoes & accessories category on eBay UK. My1stWish are a brilliant example of a small business that grew from a bedroom to a turnover of several million pounds in only a few years. Covering eBay, Amazon, websites and International markets to aid their expansion.

Coming Soon…

There is more to follow along the lines of this topic, may be tomorrow? You’ll have to wait and see. Stroke the lantern Aladdin :D

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