Matthew Ogborne


My name is Matt and my love is eCommerce and helping small & medium sized businesses succeed online with the on-line marketplaces like eBay & Amazon. Hopefully that’s you?

After working with hundreds of businesses over two eCommerce  software companies, one of which was eSellerPro. After leaving, my new found independence of all ALL the differing software products affords me an interesting, unique standpoint.

I rarely write an article under a thousand words, this does mean that you’ll end up spending 10 minutes or more on each article, that’s OK, they’re not meant to be short and means we can delve-in-deep into a topic.

I’d love to hear your feedback and you can let me know what you think about what’s been written or what we’ve covered in one of the “eCommerce in Plain English” Podcasts by leaving a comment on the article or posting any suggestions or questions in the forums.

Getting Started

To help you navigate the +300 plus articles I have written, I’ve put together a shortened list to get you started. You can also use the categorisation or the search box over to the right to drill down by a specific topic.

If you have any questions, I’d love you help you. You can get immediate help here in the forums. Registration is free and will take seconds!

The Latest 20 Articles

While many of the older articles are really good (I have to say that I wrote most of them after all), the latest content beings you the most current insights to the online marketplaces and I have created a special page just for you here that shows you the latest 20 articles posted.

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Subscribe to our PodcastWe’re running a series of Podcasts, that allow me to delve deeper into specific topics and help give you real insight into what we’re covering.

The Podcast I’ve aptly named “eCommerce in Plain English”  and can downloaded for free on iTunes so you can pick it up on your iPad, iPhone or Droid or if reading the article, the Podcast is embedded into each  article too.

There are several episodes now and and you can view & listen to them all in the Podcast category.


New eBay LogoKeeping away from material that has been covered before (which is usually terribly poor), I have been tending to favour a constructive & unique approach to the on-line marketplaces as you’ll see from the articles below:


The same with the eBay related articles, I have kept away from the humdrum and taken some unique insights into trading on Amazon.

The E, S, I & Y Model

This model is a work-in-progress. This is the basis of how I help businesses expand their operations with the on-line marketplaces. Its simple and its mean to be that way. I am also working on the fourth, which is the who/why/when factor, that makes these three factors “great”.


I have written several articles whose sole purpose were to question and to provoke others to take action, these are just some of them.


eSellerPro LogoI’ve written a couple of key articles in relation to eSellerPro. While responsible for writing most of the original wiki of eSellerPro, I have kept away from “documenting” the product in the public domain, instead focusing on other areas of interest.

And if you’re still stuck?

I’ve worked with literally hundreds of businesses, there is little that I do not know about the on-line marketplaces and surrounding software products.

If you have any questions, you can get involved in the forums or if you have a private query you can contact me directly here.