Introducing Cross Border VAT

Introducing Cross Border VAT Made Easy (Recorded Webinar)


eBay & Amazon will happily promote “Cross Border trade” to us all as online merchants, however they both complete dodge the implications of this when it comes to tax.

Let’s be frank here, calculating for just one country can be tricky enough, throw in separate tax thresholds across Europe and the rosey idea of “Cross Border trade” becomes “Cross Border Nightmare“.

It’s not meant to be that way at all.

Last week myself & Dave held a live Webinar with Gurpreet Sidhu from Cross Border VAT (CBV for short). CBV helped his own business save £32,000 that he had over-paid to HRMC and is shortly becoming available as a tool available for you to use too.

We recorded the live event and have put the recording below for you.

In this video you will learn:

  • What the correct way is to calculate your VAT from the online marketplaces
  • Why you need “normalised transactional data”
  • How you can see how close (or how far away) you are from the VAT thresholds in each European country
  • And how CBV can help your business with a single button press

Press Play on the Video Below

Contacting CBV

If you also feel that CBV can help you & your business Gurpreet can be contacted either directly here on LinkedIn or via email at [email protected].

As always, to your continued success,


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