Your Marketing Sucks – Book Review

Your Marketing Sucks” is a brilliant book written by Mark Stevens and really hammers home the hum-drum sucky marketing out there.

While on my way back from a relaxing few hours in the coffee shop where I finished off a different book called Consumerology that takes a psychological approach to why we buy I spotted this sign. I had to stop, I immediately realised it sucked:


This sucks

Mark highlights why there is a high turn over of Marketing managers out there, its because they have become accountable. Not only does he point out how people camouflage spending as marketing, but also how to implement a plan to make sure that your marketing does not also suck.

A brilliant quote from the book is below:

The only way to gauge marketing is to ask if it generates a significant return on investment and in turn helps to grow your business.

Its only a 200 page read and I’ve re-read it twice now, this is a must read for anyone with a small business.

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