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Fulfilment By Amazon Webinar: Shipment Creation and Inbound Process

Fulfilment By Amazon. FBAIf you’re interested to understand in more detail how the shipment creation and the inbound process of Amazon’s fulfilment services (FBA) works, Amazon have a webinar at 5pm GMT on Wednesday 26th January.

I have attended a few Amazon webinar’s in 2010, they were well laid out and always learned something new while watching, the questions & answer sessions at the end can be very useful too.

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Webinar Overview:

We are pleased to invite you to this FBA webinar focusing on the topic of sending shipments to our UK fulfilment centres. We will discuss the following:

– Quick Reminder about the shipment creation process
– Amazon’s requirements and restrictions
– Examples of common mistakes and problems which occurred last year
– Q&A

A representative from our operations team will be there to share first-hand experience and tips on these issues.

This session will mostly focus on learning how to improve your shipment process and avoid inbound problems. We will dedicate as much time as possible to questions.
For sellers starting with FBA, who are not familiar at all with the shipment creation process, we recommend you to first watch the recording of our previous webinar ‘Create your first shipment’, located here.

Title: Fulfilment By Amazon: Shipment Creation and Inbound Process
Date: Wednesday, 26th January 2011
Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM UK Time

PS: Thanks to Carole from the Amazon FBA team for clarifying the day as the dates were out

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