Interactive Voice Response

No idea how I ended up finding this, however it struck a ‘how neat’ cord. Take a few minutes to watch the video below:

Soo… what does this does this mean? It means you could with a few well thought-out questions (& some bribery) get your customers demographics & psychological profile uncovered[if you have no idea what I am talking about, Google these terms now NOW!!!]

Used correctly, this could give the impression of a massive company on a minuscule budget. Used badly it could have a negative impact, I’d suggest you enrol the help of another who does not have a strong accent or even employing a sweet sounding student to do the voice overs.

Tip: Gumtree is a fab place to look and remember it can all be done remotely, so pick a city you like and try there first!

This idea is not new, by all-out idol Tim Ferriss [I’ll explain later] mentioned it in his 4 hour work week book, its also mentioned in another recent book I read. I’ve noted this and look out for a future blog post titled ‘As Big as Big Boys – How Appear to be Big on a Shoe String’.

This whole idea got the creative juices going, so looking at the other YT videos they had, I came across this:

Now, thats another neat concept. What if I gave the Customer Services staff the ability to work from home a set number of days? Taking it further, what if the entire order-line was handle by staff that I I don’t even employee, just pay per minute to process orders through one of the websites? Hey I think we’re on to something here, this topic is worthy of a future post, watch this space.

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