Thanks for the Feedback

I just wanted to add a quick post regrading the feedback from the first video format post last week and to say thank you.

The response was immense, Skype lit up like a candle, email went crazy and the article itself ended up on AuctionBytes, although I suspect my presentation skills had little to do with it :)

A Better Way

So what a better way to say thank you, would really be another video!

I’ve taken on board your comments, I’ve listed them below and again any feedback good or bad is always welcomed. You’re learning with me on this experience, so its very much valued.

  • Adding an introduction slide
  • Liked the web camera insertion of me in the bottom right
  • Move the web camera down to eye level
  • Make some bullet points to read from/Script. Like if you were giving a presentation
  • Control the um’s and ah’s
  • Don’t include seller information (well blur as much as possible)
  • Sound quality altered between headset and desk microphone
  • @Phil Polish my bold spot
  • @Grek Don’t wear an orange hoody, looks like “Guantanamo Bay.”
  • @Lack of Bristolian accent
  • Shut up



Any feedback you might have is thoroughly welcomed, the comment box is below or a contact form for email or you can contact me via Skype or phone on the Contact Matthew page

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