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Jing LogoSimplicity, this is such a killer for something that is useful. Jing is one of those killer applications, simple, but extremely effective.

What’s different about this app compared to other screen capture tools such as snippy, snag it and so on? Its soo easy and within a few clicks you can have a screen shot with comments or a video with voice over sent as a link to your conversation partner(s).

Besides the ease of use, one crucial point is why I think its fab, links. Instead of pasting the files into a messenger product (Skype, MSN etc) which makes both parties connection lag, Jing uses a link, the other user clicks the link and presto! The directions to the coffee shop or the details of the process that I needed to explain to the VA (Virtual Assistant).

This isn’t the latest video they have, but the points are the same:

This is a real life demo of Jing in action, interesting dialogue, the suggestion of using this material for classes:

You can download Jing here and if you need some help, checkout their videos here.

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