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This is the highly configurable standalone version of the eBay Scrolling Feedback Widget.

Take a look at in action over to the right, imagine what your buyers are going to think when they see the superb feedback you get every day in your listings.

With copy and paste code and complete control over how the feedback is shown. You can even build your own report card, the first slide that loads to show buyers your overall feedback and perhaps link to your eBay Store.

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What is the  eBay Scrolling Feedback Widget?

This widget allows you to show your latest feedback from your buyers on eBay and build your own report card to promote the finer points of your eBay identity.

Using copy and paste code, you can built a highly configurable report card for your eBay business and show off the latest feedback from your buyers in your listings.

This report card styled widget can also be shown on your website, on your eBay Store and of course in your eBay listings.

A live example is over to the right, can you imagine the positive effect of having this in your eBay listings?

Another version is below, which is a much wider format and the the style sheet for this version is included too as par of the package you receive meaning you can be up and running in minutes.


I’ve taken several screen shots of the widget in use and instead of linking to specific eBay listings, you can see it in-action on the example page here: http://apps.lastdropofink.co.uk/eBayFeedback/example.html

Why a Standalone Version?

The free version is super to get you started, however there were several users asking for more control, to be able to self host their own feedback widgets, with no credits to be included, more control and wanted the standalone version to do so.

That is why there is now this version, which is a paid for script that you are able to have ultimate control over how the feedback comments are displayed and styled and you’re able to create your own unique report card.

Highly Configurable Features

I’ve done my best to make this script as configurable as possible for you and to explain this even more thoroughly to you.

The configuration file allows you to:

  • Use a template and extensive keywords for the feedback cards, allowing you creative control.
  • Set your eBay ID & your eBay Store URL
  • Set a Site ID, making it compatible with all eBay Sites
  • Only want the last 5 feedbacks to be shown? Set a limit to the number of feedbacks being shown, up to a maximum of the latest 25 comments.
  • Change the header text
  • Use a template  and extensive keywords for the opening report card, which includes your latest feedback score, total feedback counts and soon to be developed your Detailed Seller Ratings
  • Full control via CSS with Internet Explorer overrides
  • Access to the jQuery loader functions, again giving you absolute control to alter the loader and how the feedback slides behave
  • Finally cache control, set the update frequency as slow or as fast as you wish for the latest feedback comments to be shown to your buyers.
  • And more…

And of course, ALL negative and neutral comments are omitted from the feedback cards that are shown, customers will never see these (they’re hard-coded to be blocked!).

Easy to Use Templating System

eBay feedback Widget Configuration 1I wanted to create a widget system for displaying feedback that didn’t restrict you, it’s why I have built this application so that you are able to alter the way the feedback comments and report card with keywords.

The widget is styled through simple CSS (style sheets), it comes with the green horizontal example style by default, the wider format is also included and for advanced users access to the templating system.

This templating system allows you to have complete control over what is shown and there are extensive keywords to bring through your dynamic content.

The keywords are simple to use, paste them where you would like the information to appear and press save, the next time the widget is loaded, the new formatting will be shown.

Here are just a few that are included, you just add these in your custom HTML to make your own eBay feedback layouts:

  • {{SellerPercentage}},
  • {{Unique_Positive_Feedback_Count}},
  • {{Positive_Feedback_One_Year}},
  • {{CrossBorderTransaction_Count}},
  • {{eBayStoreURL}},
  • {{eBayID}},
  • {{BuyerID}},
  • {{BuyerFeedback}},
  • {{BuyerComment}}
  • And more!

Update May 2014
3 new keywords have been added to format the dates of when buyers left feedback using the following keywords
{{CommentDate_DD_Month_YYYY}} – eg 6th May 2014
{{CommentDate_DD_Month_YY}} – eg 6th May 14
{{CommentDate_DD_Month}} – eg 6th May

How to Install & Configure this Widget Video Guide

The video below walks you through the stages to install & configure your widget.

What is Needed to Run this Widget?

The widget comes with enough CSS to get you started, bespoke styling like in the examples in the beginning require a web designer to create. I can help you as best I can with CSS via the forums here.

If we ignore the obvious, such as you having an eBay store and items being sold on eBay, you will need the following:

  • A Web hosting account that supports PHP 5 & Curl
    This is almost all web hosts now
  • Approx 10 minutes to watch the video
    You can read the readme file instead if you wish
  • 10 minutes to configure your settings
    And you’re off!
  • A basic understanding of PHP & FTP
    You’ll be editing the configuration files which are in PHP and you’ll need to transfer these to your own hosting, using FTP.

Support is available via email or through the forums to help you get started.  This is a downloadable product and can be with you in minutes. If you have any questions just ask and you can see this in action in the example here.

This widget is now half price!
Save £20.00! Was £39.99, now £19.99.

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