Terapeak Afterwards


Terapeak is brillant for mining what sells on eBay, its a tool that every professional eBay seller needs as they can base their business decisions upon fact.

But… it has bugged me for months as I just can’t do the maths on the search results quick enough, now we can.

What does this script do?

This allows you to see instantly what the search rules values are worth, without trying to do the maths in your head.

I, as I’m sure you do too, would like to see how much a search term is actually worth straight away. I just can’t do the maths quick enough when using Terapeak to work out if I should be interested in the results or not.

Let me explain… Below is a screen shot, let me ask you this:

How much is that search term worth?

Terapeak Before

It’s not easy to work out how much that search term & product range is worth and that’s exactly why I wrote this addon script.

So lets try the same question again:

How much is that search term worth?

Terapeak Afterwards

OK, I cheated a little and put a black circle around the total sales, but you see my point, this script makes it dead easy for you to see the information you need to make an informed decision.

This script is super easy to use and shows:

  • Total Sales Value
  • Total Number of Listings
  • Total Number of Successful Listings
  • Total Number of Bids
  • Number of Items Sold
  • The Average selling price as a whole

I showed this to someone and they came back with an excellent suggestion (which I’ll add shortly), which is that showing the totals and average sale price was fantastic, but they’d also like to know the market share of that keyword for each seller ID.

So next to eBay Seller ID, I’ll be adding percentage share that each Seller ID has for that specific search term. That’s exactly the reason why I’m sharing & listing to feedback that you have to make it even better!

What is Needed To Use this Script

Full instructions are included and updates are delivered automatically. All you need is an active Terapeak subscription and about 5 minutes to follow the step by step video guide to install this script into FireFox or Chrome.

eBay sell the sales data from their sites to Terapeak and Terapeak give you a cool interface to see what is actually selling on eBay last week, last year and if you pay more for it, on the different eBay sites as well. If you don’t have Terapeak yet, you can register here for a few pounds per month.

Press “Add to Cart” below and checkout now with PayPal and this will be with you in minutes and you’ll be up & running in the time it makes to enjoy a cuppa.