With eBay Connect, A Rival for Facebook Connect?

It only just occurred to me while reading the comment in the article ‘How to Make Your Shopping Cart Suck Less‘ that I really do not want another web account with another company, literally it has to be the quote of the year:

“I need more website accounts like I need an asshole on my forehead”

Facebook have Facebook connect, that enables buyers to join with popular websites, twitter has a similar service called ‘Sign in with Twitter‘ and I’m sure there are others that I’m neglecting to mention (comments section at the bottom please!).

Such services are super neat for me, I am all over the web every day, as I am guessing you are, who really needs that extra account anyway and I’ll normally connect using my Facebook or Twitter accounts in preference of filling another web form.

There are extensions for Magento to do this and almost all major shopping cart systems, damn, I need to get this for this WordPress site too. Its on my list!


An Example of Facebook Connect in action

eBay Connect?


Graphical Representations of what eBay Connect buttons could look like

Even in 2008, eBay was boasting over 14 million active users, imagine the raw potential here for such a service, its fair to say that most people have a email address, a Facebook account, possibly a twitter account and definitely an eBay account.

So link them up, imaging being able to pay for your goods, one sign in, eBay already has your details, yes a confirmation for the password for PayPal, but how slick would that be?

Your Feedback

Have I stumbled upon a golden idea or a flop because its fatally flawed for XYZ reasons? What do you think? Would you use it if it existed?

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  1. Yasir_khan771
    Yasir_khan771 says:

    my is name mohammed yasir sir sir i need job iam studies i go collage plz me a job i have wark help me i wanna job tell me address where is the shopes ebay shope i need

  2. John Hewitt
    John Hewitt says:

    Great idea Matthew. I think eBay currently dont allow you to use eBay feedback outside the site – i for one would love to use our ebay feedback on our website.


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