Do yourself a favour, Block Bad eBay Buyers

Yep you know the type of buyer I am referring to. Since eBay took away the ability to neg these types of people, you can still block them from being able to bid and purchase future items from your eBay ID(s) using the block bidders option in eBay.

Block Bidders In eBay

ebay-block-biddersYou can block them on eBay here:

Adding more than one ID is simple, just separate them using commas as shown in the example above.

eBay Buyer Requirements

Its quite amusing to stumble into the a conversation where a client bitches, sorry ‘discusses’ about eBay allowing buyers to buy from countries they do not ship to and other minor things that can easily be solved by visiting the eBay ‘Buyer Requirements’ section.


You can review the buyer requirements here:

There are plenty of options in this section, please note its extremely unlike that eBay will ever block zero feedback buyers, I do not believe they should, at least some community spirit should survive and we all had no feedback once…

eBay Blocked Buyer Logs

Also interestingly, eBay added a log too, so you can see who is being blocked & the reason why


Enjoy these forgotten tools to help you have a better new years & sweet revenge on those that left you negatives and neutrals :)

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