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A Changing eBay – eBay UK Launches TV Campaign

eBay is launching a new TV campaign tonight on 3 channels, seeing as I tend not to watch TV at all (have you seen Ted.com?), you can preview the advert on YouTube and I’ve popped it below for you.


A Changing eBay

It’s interesting that the stance is towards “what you want” and leveraging the sheer volume of listings (not product’s) on eBay, which is around 30 million. Also judging by the programmes this advert is attached to, Location, Location, Location, The Mentalist and Criminal Minds is focused towards women, but features a man and more men (7) than women (4) in the advert.

I’m not converse with this type of marketing, but I do wonder why verbal no mention of the fashion outlet was included, although this might be subliminal due to the amount of product eye candy for the women’s department.

Also, take note on the wording from Alex Von Schirmeister, VP of Marketing for Europe:

“In the past few years, eBay has changed. It’s now a destination to buy the latest laptops and smartphones, high street fashion, even brand new car parts. We want to say to people that love shopping, and like to have a wide choice and great prices, ‘come and take another look at eBay’.  The selection people will find on eBay is truly unique.  The new retail merchandise is there alongside vintage, hard-to-find and second-hand items which we know our customers love to browse and shop too.”

You can’t disagree that eBay has changed in the past few years, mostly for the better, but for as much as I and the businesses I work with gain from the new style, I personally like using eBay for both fixed price items, but also the auction format that now only accounts for 39% of total sales.

Where else would I have got a Kodak Zi8 camera, as new, with a case and remote control for under £100?

Your Thoughts

Ultimately you’re funding the campaign, what do you make of the new advert? Money well spent?

Any marketers out there that would like to comment on the adverts contents either publically or privately or do you have any inclination on the demographics this advert is aimed at?

Let me know in the comments box below.

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    What do I think of the advert? Well, if I’m honest I’d say it was the worst Ebay ad yet, a total pile of poo, totally misses the point and who most Ebay buyers (and sellers) are. Am I happy my fees have gone up to pay for it? No.

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hola Mike,

      The TV side is a bit of a fail for me, I never watch TV, but the adverts have started to roll out as I recently saw one in a rich advert on another website.

      With the content of the advert aside for a few moments, surely the increased exposure has to be a good thing for you as an eBay seller?


      • Proetus
        Proetus says:

        Like you matt I don’t really watch much tv but I have usually got it on for back ground noise lol
        Just from my perspective a catchy tune and lets be honest not a boring colourful advert did quickly catch my attention.
        In the past month I have definately had a big increase in first time buyers many already complete with unpaid item strikes and those that don’t complete transaction I have also had a first time buyer asking if they could send cash :S ( I did persevere and customer did eventually complete via paypal )

        By far the vast majority of new 0 previous feedback customers i have had have eventually completed transaction and touch wood so far with 0 problems asuming these are all first time ebay customers I think the advert has been a big success. If I have done my job properly these same customers will come back again and again as for the increased fees I guess only time will tell :)

      • Matthew Ogborne
        Matthew Ogborne says:

        Howdy Proetus,

        Thank you for the comment.

        First time buyers get a bad rap, but we all had 0 feedback at some point. Wish all sellers we as helpful as you :)


    • Proetus
      Proetus says:

      LOL @ pink shoes,
      It has bought back a crazy memory :)
      Late 1970’s I bought a pair of Pink 18 hole DM’s at the time probably cost me atleast 3 weeks wages about £60 I would guess.
      Maybe a year later I had my first visit to the USA as a teen the boots were probably already retired but I sold them to a gullible American for pretty much what I had bought them for :)

      I am just wondering what the same boots would be worth today who knows the same gullible american could probably list them as retro on eBay and really embarrass me.


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