How to Make Your Shopping Cart Suck Less

Oh how I LOL’d at this, I’m only going to include the first part of the article to give you a taster, you can see the full article here:

The Oatmeal has given me some really great laughs in the past few months, Matthew Inman really does have a wicked sense of humour.

While this is wrapped in humour, he raises some very sensible considerations, I urge you to take on board his sarcastic view of how shopping carts can suck.

Does your shopping cart suck as bad?

How to make your shopping cart less crappy

The Oatmeal

8 websites you need to stop building


PS: This is also most amusing:

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  1. Hayley
    Hayley says:

    I need your opinion – I have spent days looking at BigCommerce, OpenCart, Volusion! I am in New Zealand and want to start a ecommerce business. I have a little bit of experience in several websites but all are custom generated and not from a ‘free’ source like this.

    Which of these do you recommend or if you recommend another.


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Its so true though, when I see the connect with FB or Twitter icons, I breathe a sigh of relief.

      Maybe eBay should offer a ‘sign in with eBay’ option, that would open the game a little but :X



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