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Select Exactly the RIGHT eBay Store Subscription Level For Your Business

We can be easily confused by which eBay shop subscription level our eBay store should be on, it’s not clear unless you do the maths and the extras features only confuse matter. The difference in combined prices for eBay store descriptions could cost you thousands

In this guide I’ve made a simple table for you to use for all the international eBay sites and make it super clear so that you can choose exactly the right eBay store subscription level that suits your business.


Pick the CORRECT eBay Store Subscription Level

Next year after the recent eBay updates  it’s going to be come a little more tricky with the increased international site visibility for eBay Stores and because this is happening, part of one of the guides I have been writing will be out of date by the spring of 2013.

Between now and then there is still some confusion kicking around as it is not clear which eBay store subscription level you should be on as we are shown numerous different features of eBay Stores and it’s not apparent which level one should choose.

So let’s make this really easy for you, the only factor that dictates which eBay Store Subscription level that you should choose is….

The number of listings you make and run each month

It’s that simple, no other upgrade option until Spring 2013 warrants you moving up a subscription level  because it all comes down to listing fees. The higher the number of listings you make for FixedPrice/BIN “Good Till Cancelled” listings determines which shop level you should be on.

So the table that will tell you which eBay Store  subscription will need updating for next year, but for now below is table that shows you exactly which shop level you should be on based on the number of eBay listings you make each month.

I have included the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia eBay Store subscription levels in the table that follows.

The eBay Subscription Table

Number of Listings

eBay SiteLevelCurrencySubscriptionInsertionFee10025050075010002000600070008000900010000

All prices correct as of February 2012 and are of course, subject to change by eBay at any time.

Using The eBay Stores Table

If you look at the table above, I have colour coded the paths for each site so that you can see where a crossover occurs and where you should consider upgrading or downgrading your eBay store subscription level.

If we pick  on the eBay site UK in the first three rows, we can see that when you get to 750 listings, you should consider upgrading to the “Featured” eBay Store from the “Basic” subscription. Then at exactly 6,000 eBay listings move from “Featured” to an “Anchor” subscription level.

The cost of choosing the wrong level could be thousands

The cost of choosing the wrong level could be thousands, already showing as over £750 for the 10,000 listings on the UK site and if we take another example of Australia on the bottom 3 rows, get the numbers wrong and the difference between $2419.95, $1899.99 and $499.99 is absolutely huge!

Reference Pages & Notes

Below is the list of pages used to compile the comparison table for fees and will have the latest fee structures. For each of these sites, the “Other Categories” value of insertion fees were used. If you sell media products such as books, DVDs or CD’s then these fees are typically lower and will change between the eBay sites. eBay Motors is not part of the table.

What Level Are You On? Is it the RIGHT Level?

That’s a serious question.

Use the table above to check to make sure that you are on the right eBay Store subscription level for your business and if you are unsure, just ask in a comment below or in the forums.

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  1. David Feakins
    David Feakins says:

    Hey Matt, is this still accurate?

    Just received an email with this information from eBay:

    We’re making it cheaper and easier for you to reach 105 million eBay buyers around the world. By upgrading your shop to an Anchor Shop you can boost your sales and benefit from this new eBay International Selling offer:
    List on eBay UK plus on all European eBay marketplaces and eBay Australia from your existing account for free!
    For a single monthly subscription you’ll get these great benefits for your 30-day and Good ‘Til Cancelled fixed price listings:
    Zero insertion fees on your UK listings
    Zero insertion fees on all European sites
    (Austria (.at), Belgium ( &, France (.fr), Germany (.de), Ireland (.ie), Italy (.it), Netherlands (.nl), Poland (.pl), Spain (.es), Switzerland (.ch))
    Zero insertion fees on eBay Australia (
    Only $0.03 insertion fee on
    Our Anchor Shop subscription costs £349.99 per month and if you list just 150 items on the UK and Australian site then you’ll start saving money. Add in one European site too and you’ll see savings when you list 115 items

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy David,

      Semi accurate, which is why I posted it when I did.

      The cut cross overs are still correct for the subscription levels if you account for the UK only, however if you start including listing to the EU, AU and .com sites then the cross over for the Anchor store will lower.

      It’s important to remember that to list onto the other sites, you have to list locally on those sites, so while it sounds super attractive, if you don’t have software (and good data) in the background, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

      Have a podcast coming up on this soon!



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