Rumoured CTO Leaving eSellerPro & Second Customer Conference In Late September

eSellerPro LogoThe interim Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Edgar Smith is rumoured to be leaving eSellerPro this September. No less than a year from his appointment in October 2011 replacing the former CTO and founder.

Hearsay from unrelated sources, Edgar was previously announced as being an “Interim replacement” for the CTO position last year and the rumoured looming departure was apparently ‘not expected’.

As eSellerPro is a heavy technology & development based company, the position cannot remain open for any length of time and if these rumours are true, it raises the question who could replace Edgar in the CTO position if he was to depart.

Second Customer Conference Late September

eSellerPro Second Customer Conference

Also the next customer conference is set to be late September at the Williams F1 Conference centre in Oxford. An interesting choice considering that the first customer conference was at Lords cricket ground in London.

The feedback has been mixed from users of eSellerPro over the past 12 months, it’s going to be a brave man (or woman) that stands on that stage after the promises made last year for communication and performance after the Christmas trading period of 2011/2012, although in recent months improvements have been noticeable with stability.

Rumours are that Tesco and will be presenting and I’m sure we’ll see key members of the eBay team present at the event, but its unlikely we’ll see the overwhelming presence seen at the ChannelAdvisor Catalyst event earlier this year by eBay.

Last years conference stands out for me as it was the most “human” I have ever seen Amazon act publicly with what was an excellent presentation, well besides that of Andrew Rowson from Towequipe’s dislike of caravans in his presentation on how eSellerPro had helped his business grow.

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  1. John Hewitt
    John Hewitt says:

    Hi Matt, this would be a real shame. I’ve found Edgar to be more than helpful during the last few months and as importantly very open and honest about things. When your whole business and the livelihood of employees depends on another business this is vital.


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    Interesting article from @matthewogborne >> I shall reserve my own personal opinion for obvious reasons!! :)

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    Rumoured CTO Leaving eSellerPro & Second Customer Conference In Late September: The interim Chief… @lastdropofink

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