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eBay Dynamic eBay Store Categories Script Updated

Dynamic eBay Categories ExampleOver the weekend several updates were added to the Dynamic eBay Store Categories Script were released.

If you’ve not heard of this before, this is a “eBay Compatible” widget that allows you to add in your eBay shop categories into your listings remotely and have complete control over how they appear and look.

The Updates:

The updates to this script are as follows:

eBay Store search added

You can now have a eBay search box at the top of your categories bar in your listings that allows customers to make searches in your eBay shop, straight from your listing. Add in your eBay shop URL and set the setting to true to enable this feature.

Ability to order the categories

This was a feature request because sometimes the ordering that eBay gives you in the “Manage my Shop” section isn’t good enough and now you have the option of setting the ordering of the categories either to follow the eBay ordering or to order them alphabetically on each of the 3 levels of categories

Speed improvements & better compatibility with more hosting providers

Not all web hosting is born equal, several changes have been made so that you don’t run into challenges with hosting provided by the majority of the UK & US web hosting companies. Also added to this were several faster ways of rendering the final output code too and cache management


If you’re already purchased & are using this widget to bring in your eBay shop categories in your listing templates, the upgrade details are in your email inbox :) You can download the latest version from your account on this site and I’ve increased the download limit by 2 to allow you to grab the latest version.

Would you like your eBay shop categories in your listings?

eBay compatible applicationThis is a stand alone script that runs from your web hosting for maximum control and allows you to not only show your eBay shop categories in your listings, but also includes a search feature and is completely configurable through the template system I added last year as well.

You can find out more about this script here (there is a video included too).


PS. If you’re a web designer, there is a special web designers version also available for use with multiple clients which is being used by several high profile eBay shop & listing template design companies

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  1. Sanela Cokic
    Sanela Cokic says:

    Hello Matthew,

    at first i should say you have a very very nice and helpfull website, its really amazing good!

    I’m searching a script for my ebay categories, but i don’t know if this one you describe here is the right one to solve my problem.

    I have a menu.php with self designed css/html and it works fine if i look at the article ( http://www.notvorsorge.com/ebay/test.php) on browser. But if i copy that whole code in ebay under “Description – HTML” it does’nt works.

    Then i read through the net, and found out that ebay not accepts php. I was also looking for a java script (also seen at you site – jquery) but also don’t found anything which i think it would be helpfull to solve my problem without making big changes on my template/article code.

    I just want to put for example the menu.php in every article, so if i put some other categories more in the menu.php i have to make it just once, and not extra in each article. That means i only chance 1 time the menu.php and it automatically changes the navigation in all my ebay articles (where maybe a script loads the information in).

    Hope you understand my question and that this script you offer is the right one for solving it.

    Would be happy to hear from you, and please if you could delete the link to the article which i wrote :-)

    Thanks much and nice greetings from austria


  2. Nina
    Nina says:

    Hey, is it possible to let your script automatically ignore/deactivate empty categories as ebay itself does?
    Kind regards, Nina


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