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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Matthew Ogborne

Here are 10 things you probably did not know about myself, until now that is…

#1 Unbelievably tames his ego

This is quite bemusing, especially when you consider “Is never afraid to admit he’s wrong” is in this list. I managed to tame myself down to meet the requirements of each of my previous roles, even working for myself, I needed to adjust.

When I first started this blog in October last year, my ego went berserk. Its only now I am realising through reading and new experiences that there times when it needs to be guided and times when it needs to be muted.

I’ve just finished reading the book called “The Trusted Advisor“, a very interesting read and amongst the several key points taken from the book (yes I do note these things down), that being able to mould ones persona to each client is critically important and that personal “commitment” is nothing to be scared of, in fact its needed.

#2 D in English Language

This is no surprise to anyone who has the earlier posts between October and December 2010 on this site. My writing needed those few months to pick up its structure again and for me to find a writing style that I could maintain.

I managed to earn a GCSE D in English Lanuage after private coaching and amazingly achieved a C in English Literature, this was down to the efforts of my parents, my tutor (which I hasten to add was unheard of at my secondary school, I think my parents panicked) and a deeper understanding an appreciation of the course material, which was Macbeth and a vastly more interesting use of the English language that thy sport here.

#3 Is harbouring a 14,000 feedback eBay account

Yup, the account is still there, waiting to be abused. But for now, “Project E” is more important.

#4 Held the first eBay PowerSeller meeting in his local pub

Technically not the UK’s first, there were a few eBay PowerSeller meet ups before, however this was the first attended by a eBay representative (a cool chap called Jamie Parkins) and paved the way for the eBay Universities that followed.

#5 Is scared of failure

I’m shit scared of it. One crucial difference for me now, is that I always have a plan to exit, even if I have no intention of using it.

#6 Believes that “knowing is everything”

This has become a fundamental to the way I approach tasks. Knowing that something is right, wrong or close, just measured is everything.

If you know that something is out, then you have the luxury of making two decisions, the first is to electively ignore it (yes this IS an option) and the second is that in knowing that its “out” to make changes to realign it. Only then can you know if you are going forwards or backwards and knowing you’re going backwards is a result, just not the desired result.

#7 Is never afraid to admit he’s wrong

OMG (Oh My God) do I make some screw ups. There are some monumental screw ups on this site and I’m the first to rip into myself for them and I choose wear them as a badge (or war-wound).

#8 Is learning when to “shut up”

I know this will make several people laugh whom have known me for sometime. What I think sometimes really does not matter, its in the conversation between two or more parties that underlying issues, problems and challenges are found. The same goes for a couple of the articles I’ve posted. Two ears, one mouth and all that :)

#9 Is a self confessed “online gamer”

Whom would have thought that running around shooting people would have fostered such a large gaming community for UKManDown and that the people I play with “online” fall into the closest-of-friends categories?

I am in ore at the way the community has ground and evolved over time, its been over four years now and I’m so happy to boast that directly because of the community I started so long ago, in honour of Alex (that’s a hidden 11th), that we now have a pregnancy in the ranks.

#10 Is just human, like you

In my favouite article to date “Be a Player not a Bystander. Get in. Get Mucky“, the meaning of an so-called ‘Expert” was broken down. Its also the only article I’ve used the F word in so far and again, I do swear quite a bit and make few apologies.


Matthew Ogborne

Thats me!

That’s 10 or so things you probably didn’t know about myself and what I’ve been up to.

In some ways I wonder if I should keep this blog purely professional, however sometimes, it feels right to give it that real ‘human’ touch and provide some intimacy. That’s why I’ve stuck a ‘phat’ image on myself to the right, lets keep this one personal :)

PS: I’ve hinted at a new project called “Project E”. I’m still working on what this should look like when its finished and then I have to work it backwards. Its going to ‘shake the ground extremely wide’ and it almost feels like the final goal that I have been working towards for the past few years. I’m looking forward to sharing this with you when its time.

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