The HUGE question for ProjectE

Howdy, I need your help in answering the following question. Its ProjectE related and thus would be a massive benefit for me to help understand how I can help you the most.

Any feedback you have would be exceptionally useful and I’ve created a simple form that allows you to post the reply without using the comments system on the site if you’re uncomfortable with leaving your reply publicly.

The Question.

Imagine a website that is targeted towards helping small businesses on eBay and amazon, what topics, resources and content would you find most useful to you?

Your Feedback

You can use the form below to post your reply/comments or use the comments box at the bottom.

[contact-form 3 “ProjectE Question Form”]

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  1. Matthew Ogborne
    Matthew Ogborne says:

    Just a quick reply, thanks for the comments & suggestions so far, brilliant response.

    Not going to post any of them here as I don’t want to influence any further suggestions.

    Thank you, keep them coming!



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