Thank you! Re: The Book Responsible for Where I am Now

I just wanted to say “thanks” for the feedback on the video from Friday. I really enjoyed discussing this with so many people over the weekend, it was quite the conversational piece.

I have always wanted to learn another language, say Spanish or German, but as it was pointed out, I now know several programming & markup languages instead. Result!

That book really did change the game for me and even though its over ten years old, learning HTML, in a caravan with no computer, in a week (not a weekend as the title suggested) was possible and if I could do it with no computer, I’m sure you can learn it too (with a computer of course!).

If you missed the video, I’ve posted the updated version below, the original was “stuttery, but still managed to get the point across. This one has an updated slide as well, so I don’t look like a hamster on the opening image yay (thanks Nick for pointing that out).

PS: This book can still be found on Amazon for 1p + £2.80 delivery, go to (aff link) to buy it.

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