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Multichannel eCommerce Software

The Store

Below are a collection of free and paid for applications. The free tools can be used by following the detailed instructions, the paid-for applications come with both detailed instructions and instructional video guides and are delivered instantly via email after payment is received via PayPal.
eBay Feedback Report Card Widget

Standalone eBay “Report Card” Widget

Like the free version, you can show the latest eBay comments,  DSR’s and feedback scores, but you can add custom messaging and have complete control over the way the widget looks and feels.  View

 eBay Feedback Report Card Widget

Free eBay “Report Card” Widget

You can show you latest eBay feedback comments, Detailed Seller Ratings and eBay feedback report card in your eBay listings.

Copy and paste code to show you’re buyers how super your business really us. View

eBay feedback Widget

Dynamic Scrolling eBay Feedback Widget

Show buyers your latest positive feedback comments in your eBay Listings.

Included is an opening slide, that you can use to show your overall eBay selling status.  View

Free Dynamic eBay Store Categories Widget

Would you like your eBay store/shop categories to be shown in your eBay listings dynamically and to be updated automatically over night?This free version is hosted on LastDropofInk and comes copy & paste CSS examples for you to use. View

Standalone PHP Dynamic eBay Store Widget

Designed for the advanced user, this standalone PHP script allows you to self host the free version of the dynamic eBay store categories widget and has more control options. View

Free eBay Scrolling Related Items Widget

Would you like to show related items in your eBay listing and have control over which items are shown, by eBay store category, keyword or a combination of both?This free version is hosted on LastDropofInk and comes copy & paste CSS examples for you to use.

Standalone eBay Scrolling Related Items Widget

Offering more control to advanced users that would like to self host their own related items widgets. The same features as the free version, but more control over how the items are displayed and the number shown. View 

 Terapeak Keyword Value Summary Script

Terapeak Keyword Value Summary Script

This script quickly shows you the true worth of a keyword search, the number of listings, items sold and average value. So you can make an informed decision quickly and accurately. View

 Remove 3rd Party Credit Images from eBay listings

Free Remove 3rd Party Credit Images

This snippet of JavaScript with remove most common provider “Powered By” images from your eBay listings. View

eSellerPro Integrations

Below are the three current integrations to eSellerPro for 3rd party websites, OpenCart, BigCommerce and CubeCart.

eSellerPro to Magento Integration

Magento to eSellerPro Integration

Magento, the industry standard for eCommerce websites. feature rich and extensiable. A full integration from eSellerPro to Magento up to the very latest version for seamless stock, product and order updates.

View Now

eSellerPro Integration Opencart

OpenCart to eSellerPro Integration

Integrate the simple to use and feature packed shopping cart OpenCart into eSellerPro for seamless stock, product and order updates.

View Now

This module also supports up to 10 websites from a single installation of OpenCart.

eSellerPro Integration BigCommerce

BigCommerce to eSellerPro Integration

A complete integration for the SaaS website product from BigCommerce for seamless integration of stock, product and order updates.

View Now

Collect orders, create new inventory send stock updates, all with eSellerPro

eSellerPro Integration CubeCart

CubeCart to eSellerPro Integration

Integration of the base CubCart shopping cart system, into eSellerPro for product, stock and order updates.

View Now

Collect orders, create new inventory send stock updates, all with eSellerPro


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