Who said this was TameBay, AuctionBytes or Similar?

I had quite an interesting chat on Skype with a previous colleague last week, apparently I am getting bad press at eBay for ‘dissing’ their enterprise clients.

Speaking openly, it did cause me a few restless nights (it was really hot at night as well, Malta is not far from the equator and over 20C almost every day, I managed to completely miss all the snow, pity…), however I decided the following:

  1. I don’t want to work for eBay (believe it or not, never have done either)
    As such, as long as I am sensible (calling the design ‘shit‘ was probably a little too much in hindsight, apologies (but it still sucks)) I am going to carry on pointing and making fun of ‘botched’ jobs.
  2. I have no intention or desire to replicate ‘Tamebay’ or AucitonBytes.
    Tamebay is great, I love Chris & Sue’s views on ‘happenings’ in this arena, but its not me. Sorry, if you were expecting fluffy nice-ness, if it sucks, it sucks, why should I say anything different?
  3. Advertising
    It was also suggested the selling advertising space, sorry no. I would indicate that there are too many disclaimers on ‘other’ sites and I am only biased solely by my own opinion. If i want to recommend something I will do it personally, openly and crucially with the reasons why (like mailchimp, its fab).
  4. I also need to be ultra careful when it comes to clients & acquaintances, although I do my best to ensure I am translucent to outside parties.


For those unsure on the purpose of this blog, take a read of Project Matthew Ogborne, quoting a section from this page:

If it wasn’t for a client of mine and great friend of mine who gave me a stark kick up the arse a few months back, I’d be keeping all this all to myself. Enjoy it, this is a professional nut case in action. Stand aside.

As Lisa said, its the application of ‘Matthew Ogborne’ that counts, anyone can point and poke but you[me] got the know-how, nows its for you to explain why and where and educate these people.

My point Is…

That there is a lot to be learnt and to continue learning from, pointing and making fun is the easy part, actually suggesting corrections and adaptations is a completely different ball park, what I regard as ‘my ball park’.

People have implemented my suggestions, made serious cash and also passed off them off as their own, this time around, you get them fresh, in their raw form to do with as you please.

Now, wait for tomorrows post…

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