ToysRUs Negged Twice @ Day 2 +28K Listings Will help

This is quite an old article now. I have considered removing it and I have edited it slightly since. However I decided that it would be better to leave this and the other articles on the site, as with anything, experience is only learnt through fire, this was one of those times where I could have done better and approached the subject more tactfully.

I’m leaving it, as it shows I’m just a mere mortal, like us all.

Original Article

Howdy, things are pretty busy here with some crazy sales coming through already this week, predictions are being smashed and we still have next week to contend with, which was the week I was expecting previous sales histories to be smashed in. I’ll try and keep this one to a few paragraphs.

I am away for a few days soon looking at property in Malta, but its been amazing the response back from the ToyRUs post I made yesterday. I think I hit a nerve as the stats went bonkers after that got tweeted. See the post here, sorry but it does look crap and spoils the clear cut brand they have with a cheap layout.

I looked at it again today (see here) and could not help but wonder if they should have perhaps left this under wraps for a while longer as the ID is being trashed already?

Last Year Tesco Outlet

Tesco-logo2It was a round this time last year when Tesco launched Tesco_Outlet on eBay and it was running late by 2 days because the design was held up and it was launched on the Tuesday when I was away[in Malta]. Jeas that was some ‘faith’, Kim, I am forever indebted. There was no way I could get out of the trip, for the men out there, when you get ‘the look’ you know the answer is a no.

It was mad, the UK’s largest retailer launching live on eBay UK and I was not around.

A well briefed Kim [Implementer at eSellerPro] was on the case though and I had put four days on-site in previously, Clive and the Team were well versed (also inherited my odd perversion to eBay customers) and I am happy to declare that the first week sales were crazy and all-in-all pretty smooth. The full page add in the Times helped.

Even though I knew I had had the planning & all the ground work done and knew the the Team were there, it was quite a nervous trip and I did have a sleepless night which involved the trashing of the eBay ID. What if someone has a massive grudge against Tesco and trashes it, they must have pissed off at least one customer…? But we were lucky and nothing eventful happened. They did get the odd negative, but the Team were able to resolve them amicably.

Ouchy, Negs!

Back on topic, to ToysRUs, I think now with hindsight of Tesco Outlet, it would have been better to soft launch, built some feedback up and then swapped eBay ID’s, at least to build a buffer. Even more when you see the below:

So much for the few paragraphs, I do feel for the chaps & girls that must be behind the scenes on this project, I am sure a few favours will be pulled in and those negs will go eventually. Laying down +28,000  listings will certainly help, even if they do look crap :)

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