How to Get Amazon Feedback Removed

Amazon Negative FeedbackReceiving a negative comment regardless if it’s on a marketplace or not is not fun, however with this simple to follow guide you can get some of your negative and neutral comments removed.

What Can be Removed from Amazon Feedback?

To set clear expectations this is not going to work for all comments that are left, however there is a certain type of comment that Amazon will remove that doesn’t include the normal reasons such as foul language or if they have left personally identifiable information, like a link, address or name (if you didn’t know those two, they’ve just scored two more).

“The type of feedback comment you can easily asked to be removed from Amazon is the type of feedback that includes a review of the product”

Amazon Neutral CommentAmazon has spent years building up their reviews database, from what started as staff adding their reviews to the vibrant feedback forum it has now turned into with products that receiving decent 4 & 5 star reviews outstripping their competition hands down. The type of feedback comment you can easily ask to be removed from Amazon is the type of feedback that includes a review of the product.  After all a product review should be in the correct section for others to see, not in a sellers feedback profile.

And it’s on those grounds you can ask (where apt of course) for Amazon to remove a product review from your feedback profile on Amazon and if that comment happens to be a neutral or negative comment, happy days.

Just before posting this article I thought I’d see if I could find an apt comment to use as an example, the very first seller I found on Amazon had one and I’ve included it as a screenshot to the right.

“Little disappointed as the adventures are quite short – one about 20-25 minutes and the other only 15 minutes. Perhaps I didn’t read the info section properly.”

That kind of feedback would be amazing in a product review, if you were buying the product that “AST” had bought and spotted in the customer reviews that they stories were rather short.

That to me is a product review, not a constructive comment for the services provided by the seller and as such is up for removal, Amazon see it that way too in their FAQ section.

Removing Neutral & Negative Amazon Comments

You have to ask Amazon to remove the comment(s) from your profile, they won’t pro-actively check your feedback cards. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Go to open a new ‘Support Case’ in Amazon Seller Central
  2. Select “Seller Account Settings” on the left
  3. The select “Orders > Customer feedback problems”
  4. And include the details about the comment and clearly state that it is a product review.
  5. Select your contact method at the bottom and press “Send Message”

To help you, I have written you a template you could use when contacting Amazon. If you have had previous feedback comments remove, it’s always a good idea to include the previous ticket number, as it’s unlikely to be the same member of the Amazon Seller Support team that is going to be answering you email


We have received a comment from <USERNAME> that reads as a product review in our feedback profile on our Amazon account.

The comment is:


As you can see this really is a product review and is more suited towards the product reviews section, can you remove this comment from our feedback profile?

Kind regards,


This is know to work well for comments that are reviews, let me know your experiences in the comments box below!

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  1. DNTMb
    DNTMb says:

    Great article Matthew, Thanks.

    Let me share my case that amazon not remove my negative feedback.

    Im seller outside USA and my parcel shipped to customer on the day she didn’t home and usps left notice to ask her can get it at post office, 555+ But she left negative feedback to me.

    Anyway i try to contact support same as your article and this is reply,

    I have reviewed the entire case history and understand your concern about the feedback left for the order #110-xxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx, judging from the entirety of the feedback, the Buyer’s comments were about an order that was not received. We understand that such situations are out of your control, however, we are unable to suppress the feedback, since the comments were about the Buyer’s perception of the transaction experience received.

    Amazon’s feedback system is intended to allow buyers to give their opinion of the buying experience. Suppressing feedback that does not violate the guidelines presented to buyers weakens the integrity of our feedback system.

    In situations like this, we can only remove the feedback if there is a consent from the Buyer that they agree to have the feedback removed and this should be evidently shown in our Amazon message filtering system.

    – I should try to feedback remove requested again, shouldn’t i ??


  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    I’m a bit late to this party, but also worthy of note is doing a few in a batch. I just reported 10 feedback comments within seconds of each other (but the comments were spanned out over a couple of weeks), including some that didn’t even break Amazon rules, and they removed them all. I think some CS agents look at the first couple and then just think ‘oh, whatever’ and remove them all :-)

  3. Becky
    Becky says:

    Used this template after failing to get feedback removed previously. Within an hour the negative comments had been removed. Im amazed wish I had known this sooner!

  4. nazia
    nazia says:


    i just got my account suspended from amazon as i gave a goodwill gesture to a customer and asked for removal of feedback? i really did not know i committed a violation and it is my first ever in 2 years and they have suspended my account and will notify me some point tomorrow! do you think that this means my account is shut i have appealed but i hear amazon are very strict! Also i only did this to avoid a negative feedback, a number of my customers have left negative feedback after asking for a refund.

    very worried amazon seller

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Nazia,

      I’m sorry to hear that.

      Don’t panic, you’re right Amazon can be strict, but just make a good case in response to their issue and see what happens.

      They’re also really slow at actioning responses, especially to suspended accounts, so also don;t panic if you don’t hear anything from them for days, it’s quite normal.

      Keep me on the loop though,


  5. Joe
    Joe says:


    Great tips, I have a few negative product reviews like this.

    Would you recommend submitting them all at the same time?

    There are 4-5 and we have around 200 feedback now.

  6. Nick Talley
    Nick Talley says:

    OMG! Re the “crap” feedback…

    Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

    After a second review of order #*******************, we have determined that it was indeed in violation of our feedback policy.Therefore, we have removed the feedback so it will not affect your performance.
    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for being a valued seller in the Amazon Marketplace.
    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thank you for selling with Amazon.

  7. Nick Talley
    Nick Talley says:

    Well I thought that this was a cast iron case for removal but they won’t remove it. I think I will give up trying to get them removed now.

    Feedback rating 3
    “The product itself is pretty poor quality. The plastic bends out of shape with even a small poster. I had to attach blue tac to the back of the poster to keep it IN the poster hanger, as it kept on sliding out. So to summarise, plastic bends, poster slips out, string for hanging you could get for yourself at half the price. Price a bit high for the quality of the product. Looks ok though”

    Response from Amazon…
    As much as we would like to remove the feedback for Order ID no.:**************** we have found out upon the review that it also talks about the price issues which was encountered by the Buyer, as stated “Price a bit high for the quality of the product… “. In this case, the feedback you received does not meet the criteria for removal so we are unable to remove it.

      • Nick Talley
        Nick Talley says:

        Hi Matt

        Yes, I thought they were being a little picky ;-)

        It may look like we have really bad fb from reading my posts but we are on 97% which is not bad when compared to our competitors. I think that is one thing that everyone needs to keep in mind. How you shape up against your competition.

  8. CJ
    CJ says:

    Nick ^^ that should definitely be removed as it’s a clear product review. Did you follow the template?

    Just found another old one ‘cheap, but tears easily’ – removed within 10 minutes, thanks Matt!

    • Nick Talley
      Nick Talley says:

      If only CJ. I only came across matt’s post on the matter after I had submitted my request. I went with the profanity argument which on reflection was the wrong move as many people think that the word crap is not a profanity ;-)

      After my request for removal was rejected I then argued that it was also a product review. This also got the same result. I then received a final notice basically telling me to drop it.

      I seemed to have picked up a knighthood on the way, so it’s not all bad! ….

      Hello Sir Nick,

      We realise how important a seller’s feedback rating is and applaud your dedication to great customer service.

      In reviewing your feedback we found that @@@@ has earned high feedback ratings from most buyers. We are confident that interested buyers will notice this positive feedback and take it into consideration when making ordering decisions.

      The best way to deal with negative feedback is to resolve any transaction issues with the buyer. The buyer could then remove the feedback if they feel it is appropriate. Do not pressure buyers to remove feedback.

      If this does not work, however, you must consider the matter resolved; we will not be able to review the feedback for this order again.

      Misuse of the feedback system is against our Community Rules. Blah blah blah

      • Nick Talley
        Nick Talley says:

        Testing out the template now. Just found an old feedback comment which is clearly a product review:

        Acrylic (not glass) made an overall cheap, poor quality look and feel. Quite expensive when postage factored in. Overall, not good value.

        Will let you all know how this goes.

  9. Dave
    Dave says:

    Thanks for reminding me of this. I used to do them every so often but stopped as there never seemed time.

    Anyway, just read this, spent 15 mins doing a screencast of the procedure and sent it to my virtual assistant in the Philippines to deal with once a week.

    This sort of stuff is great to delegate to outsourcers and forget about. She will just email me a report of it each week as she does it.

  10. Nick Talley
    Nick Talley says:

    Hmm, I tried to get the following negative removed at the weekend. A. Because it contains a profanity (in my opinion) & B. Because it is a product review in all essence. What do you think?

    Crap poster hanger, couldn’t even put my poster in it.

  11. AverageJoe
    AverageJoe says:

    I ‘ve been asking eBusiness related questions in google search for months now and always “find” your site. This time I’ll bookmark it and check back regularly! Amazing wealth of information here.

    Re: Feedback removal
    I was responsible for monitoring feedback for my family’s company in 2010-11, feedback was around 97% consistently. Simply highlighting the ones that fall under Amazon’s three reasons for removing feedback and we’re now at 99% through 365 days and 4,400 ratings. Thankfully someone else is handling the task now, it’s the ones Amazon won’t remove which are time consuming !

    PS Jason is right “Choose Orders > Customer feedback problems” is the way to go, my standard message to them was simply this:

    Order ID: 000-0000000-000000
    Reason for requesting feedback removal: The entire feedback is a product review.
    Additional comments: n/a


  12. yunfeng
    yunfeng says:

    Hi there,

    I have a problem, we are applying for trademark, during this period, other seller always sell they item on my listing…..sales are flagging…..I have no idea, do not know how to avoid this problem

      • yunfeng
        yunfeng says:

        Hi Matt,

        we applied for a trademark in UK on 27/09/2012, we checked our trademark by, now the status is “Advertised”, could you tell us when can we use our trademark on Amazon?
        other sellers sell they item on my listing, I want protect my listings. Thank you.

      • Matthew Ogborne
        Matthew Ogborne says:


        Go the Amazon help section and open up a new case under “Report a violation”, detailing the listing(s) and ensuring that you also include the trademark details they need to know to be able to take action.


  13. Jason Hawkins
    Jason Hawkins says:

    Hi Matt, god article here.

    Just had a feedback removed that was a clear product review. I did get asked to go through a slightly different route than you recommended though, but same result in the end.

    Dear Seller,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Please be advised, in order to request the feedback removal, you need to contact our Feedback department directly by taking the steps below:

    1. Log into your Seller account.
    2. Click on the Help (right hand corner).
    3. Click on the Contact Seller Support.
    4. Choose Orders > Customer feedback problems
    5. Provide all the requested information
    6. Send message

    Please note that this request will go directly to the feedback department which can delete the feedback upon you request.

    Seller support department can request only removing of the Customer reviews which are displayed on the product detail page.

    We hope, this information was of help. In case of any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  14. Ben@choice
    Ben@choice says:

    Nice template email Matt. Only this week amazon removed a product review neutrel feedback for me “ok movie”.

    I think it can depend on who the agent is dealing with the removal request as well. Some are a bit more power crazy and are more reluctant to remove feedback than other more helpful amazon agents.


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