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Amazon Enforcing Returns Polices on 3rd Party Sellers

Amazon LogoIs this the end for bespoke goods and a wake up call for 3rd party sellers that use Or a really good move for buyers?

Amazon has had a bit of a beating from us over the past few months, being aggressive with price parityresponse times for messages and very short notice on changes that could cripple some businesses have really not helped what is a super productive platform to makes sales upon.

But now there is a new hurdle, take a read of the following notice that is being sent out today to 3rd party Amazon sellers.

Dear Seller,

To ensure a consistent experience for buyers, Amazon sellers are required to have return policies that are at least as favourable as Amazon’s own return policies. To help provide the best experience for buyers, we will be updating the return information in the Returns section of your storefront page on 6 August 2012 to clarify that buyers may return products to you in accordance with Amazon’s return policies.

The updated return information will direct buyers to Amazon’s return policies and will continue to give buyers the ability to contact you for information about any more favourable policies that may apply. If your inventory includes Fulfilment by Amazon items, your Returns section will
continue to reference the Amazon return policies.

See this Help page for more information about Amazon’s return policies:

If you have questions, please contact our Seller Support team by clicking the Contact Seller Support link at the bottom of any seller Help page.

Kind regards,
Amazon Services Europe

In Short…

Yep in-short…

You’re having Amazon’s returns policy whether you like it or not

And that means if you’re selling bespoke goods or have got specific returns polices, to all intents-and-purposes, it doesn’t matter as the buyer is being sent to the Amazon returns page regardless.

Hidden Bonus?

This might actually be a bonus because in the three places they mention and link to “Amazon Communications Manager” from the help page for contacting “third party sellers” none of them actually go to the “Amazon Communications Manager”.

Count them and you’ll see what I mean:

So instead the buyer is left with the contact us button which is for Amazon’s own support. But it get’s even better, as you follow the support process through, its really easy for the buyer to select the option for the issue and end up being suggested to phone Amazon as a recommend option.

Take a look at the screen shot below and you’ll see what I mean. If you were a buyer, you’d click the big fat phone button wouldn’t you!?

Amazon Contact Seller Form

Your Thoughts?

So over to you, is this good, bad, or does it not really matter?

Let me know in the comments box below.

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    • Robert smith
      Robert smith says:

      I have bought an CD , from amazon which was advertised wrongly, and I have been trying to return it and get a refund , I have sent so many emails . but have not had any joy , I think that this is really bad , I will not be buying anything else from you , the whole thing stinks, I will be making sure t6hat people know what has happen , and I hope that thy will not buy from you , also this will go on facebook,

  1. choice.dvd
    choice.dvd says:

    As an amazon seller myself I think it is a good thing overall, as I feel amazons support has always been way above any other online market place including ebay and play. Wantingto ensure all their 3rd party sellers offers consistency to t heir standards makes sense to me. However, I am surprised to how poorly amazon have implemented and are rolling this update.

  2. Steve Smith
    Steve Smith says:

    Not too fussed really. The most important bit seems that buyers have 30 days to return unwanted items rather than the 7 day DSR minimum. To be honest we have often allowed customers to return unwanted goods beyond the 7 days so this is just formalizing it.

    We will see if it makes a big difference but I doubt it.

    Steve :)

  3. Jason Hawkins
    Jason Hawkins says:

    Unless they click the “contact seller” button, in which case the email would come direct to the seller.

    “please contact the seller first”

    I don’t have a problem using Amazons return policy, providing it sticks to what the buyer is entitled to. a small number of buyers buy goods, use them and then send them back as unwanted, our policy states that unwanted items can be returned at buyers cost, providing they are unused and in original packaging, anything else may become unsellable or classed as 2nd’s, its important that we dont get too many of these, amazon may not be so worried about those kind of returns.

  4. peten
    peten says:

    Doesn’t honestly matter does it, Amazon will simply move the goal-posts when they realise that the odds are not stacked in their favor as soon as can. Any bonus will be short lived.


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