The One Box You Shouldn’t “Un-Tick” in eSellerPro

The HTML editor in eSellerPro is a menace. If you use it to edit your description blocks, it’ll add it’s own version of HTML it and if you’re trying to process any form of advanced logic past a simple IF/NOT statement then it’ll eat it for breakfast.

eSellerPro HTML EditorOur saviour is the checkbox that is found at the bottom of the HTML editor on almost all description/content entry points that stops the editor from being loaded. Thus you don’t end up with broken HTML descriptions and logic tests that no longer work.

You know when you’ve had your descriptions edited by the editor when you start noticing odd <p>,</p> and <br> tags all around your descriptions. Check your eBay templates, you didn’t put them there, the editor did and unpicking the mess can take a while.

My tip, never use the editor to begin with and turn it off. You’ll find this option in the following entry areas and if you ask support there is a user setting to disable the HTML editor system wide to stop staff from inadvertently turning the editor back on and it chewing your content blocks.

  • eBay templates
  • Paragraph builder
  • Postage template description
  • Customfield descriptions

Hopefully this little tip will save you ages trying to work out why a description is half way down a page when it should not be, then finding out that the editor has entered 30 <br> tags at the end of conditional statements.

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