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I have had the most insane business service offering ever, but I cannot tell you what is!

Forest of TreesOpening Comment: I’ve been in torment for the past few weeks whether I should release this post or not, but hey, lets let it rip.

I cannot believe what I have come up with, I am soooo eager to deploy this in the real world, but its something I just cannot freely speak of, in short it frightens me.

I’ve lost endless nights sleep over this and have been brain storming relentlessly for its deployment, its now at a level that its awaiting its sole real-life exposure.

I’ve literally filled an entire notepad, I’ve cried with laughter and cringed with fright at it. This service really is not for the faint hearted and quite frankly I am scared of offering it to anyone, its remifications are frankly ‘severe’ and this is an understatement to those on the receiving end.

Testing is key to any service and I been training members of my team to see what the outcome could be for some time now. I’m supprised how efficent it can be made with the right management. Its not resource light either, to do this is literally going to take hundreds, if not thousands of man hours, but for any service to be successful, it needs key performance targets and oh-boy does it have those, with the absolute pinnacle at the end of it.

I’ve told no-one, I have only hinted in the above at the sheer scale of what this ‘service’ is to entail, its not for the faint of heart, it breaks all known rules, quite frankly I have scared myself.

This has to be a one off service. If you have serious business ‘issues’ and have a minimum of £10,000 to hand over with a bonus of £5000 on completion, don’t even bother asking me. Its a lot of things, its unique for sure, it will make the ‘right’ business tens if not hundrends of thousands of pounds, it will make you cry with laughter, it will plainly make you cry.

I’m saying no more, I had to share this, if only am extremely sketchy outline. £10K on the desk now and £5K in mediation account and I’ll spill it all, I guarantee you, you will cry at me in complete disbelief.

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