I’m regularly asked for recommendations on different resources, tools, services and sites of interested, so have given in and put this page together to help you.


How To Guides

  • How To Guides Category – A mixture of a few guides I’ve put together over the past few months. Will be nothing compared to ProjectE

eBay, Amazon & Website  Software Tools

  • ChannelGrabber – “Simplified Selling” is the motto. I love this application because its so simple compared to the other complex options (mention my name for a discounted fee)
  • LinnWorks – Combining multiple platforms? This is worth reviewing
  • eSellerPro – If you’re turning over £40K per month (with room for expansion), then you need to speak to them.
  • ChannelAdvisor – If you’re turning over £40K per month (with room for expansion), then you also need to speak to CA.
  • eBay TurboLister – Clunky tool that works well for eBay
  • eBay Blackthorne – The grown-up version of TurboLister. has two versions Basic & Pro.
  • eBay Selling Manager Pro (SMP) – eBay’s hosted application for processing orders. prone to the odd bug every-now-and-then. But fine for solely eBay sellers.


  • EVO-Hosting – This is here this site runs from. Personal support & worth every penny
  • HeartInternet -I use these for the affiliate sites I created


Other Useful Software & Services

Note-worthy Articles

If you feel I’ve missed a tool, service or article out, let me know on my Contact Matthew page.