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Statcounter LogoThis has been a hidden gem of mine for years. I needed a website statistics counter that was reliable and critically for me offered a hidden option, as I really did not want one of those annoying page counters at the footer of the site.

I found a few, but one stuck, that was because it offered everything I wanted and more, plus it was free, thus I have used it ever since.

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Below is a screen shot of their public example. Notice the extra menus on the left?

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Differences Between Statcounter & Google Analytics

Now this is quite important, this is not Google Analytics. Google Analytics adds a much more advanced array of tools to the seasoned professional, however the differences between true web stats (server log files) and Google Analytics is huge.

Yes, there will always be a difference between every single statistics counter, but in my experience, Google Analytics only seems to capture 70% or less of the true user stats, where as StatCounter seems to reflect a much higher result, truer to the actual web logs.

Also to add Google Analytics web interface is extremely daunting to the new user, Statcounter’s is extremely simple, I like simple AND complex when needed.


If you are looking for a simple, reliable statistics counter that is extremely simple to use and implement, then is a excellent choice. Personally I suggest using this and Google Analytics to complement each other.

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  1. Dulcet30
    Dulcet30 says:

    I have used Hit counters on many of my sites and blogs and it offers comprehensive and real time tracking.I found that the data offered by GoStats fits somewhere between Site Meter and Google Analytics. There appears to be much more information than Site Meter, but it’s not as complex to view as Analytics. These stats can all be viewed on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis.

      • Thrippets
        Thrippets says:

        It has live stats which come in VERY useful, and also an iPhone app – not sure about android. The live chat with your visitors is interesting, although my visitors tend to get scared away if a webmaster pops up while they’re browsing…

  2. Darrelljones
    Darrelljones says:

    Yeah i agree that google analytics only captures 60-70% true user stats.Thats why i have used Hit counters on many of my sites and blogs and it offers comprehensive and real time tracking.


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