Two Types of People

I’m writing this post with one person in mind, if this helps you too, I’m glad.

As far as I see it there are two types are people.

One does something, the other day dreams.

It doesn’t matter if they’re told no, they’ll just find a way. As one door closes, they just deem it to be the wrong door and move to the next (which is obviously now the right door [repeat endless times])

One of them will research and

  • Read 1000 web pages until they “get it”,
  • Sit there and read a book until they “get it”,
  • Watch 60 video’s on YouTube until they “get it”,
  • Will take an online course until they “get it”,
  • Will do something, anything until they “get it”

On a subject they don’t know about, but know they need to know (or if they’re super smart, they’ll just get someone else to do that part for them). The other one just gave up at Google or just didn’t even open the web browser.

One is concerned about making sales, the other is more concerned about providing value.

One will phone friends (or anyone that will listen) to find answers and if they have none, they’ll go online, make some and then find answers.

One will see that it’s mandatory to be educated in specific fields, the other will just shrug their shoulders and say to themselves “I’ll work that bit out later”.

They’ll listen to an expert and if they deem them to be wrong (highly likely), they’ll go and find another (if they exist) that says otherwise and see how it works out.

One of them sees a problem and finds a solution, if that solution helps others then they’ve found a niche. The other just saw lots of problems, but never a solution.

Both are scared of failure, but one of them knows what’ll they’ll be doing if it does.

One day-dreams about the doing part, they may go through the motions but never actually do anything.

So which one are you?
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  1. James Barber
    James Barber says:

    Good article and so true. Never give up; don’t just talk about what you’d like to achieve – go out and do it! But you also need to realise where you’re spending too much time, potentially getting bogged down reducing your productivity and if having someone else who is a specialist in a particular field assist you gets you to your goal, well that’s sometimes necessary.


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