My New Years Resolution. ‘Like’ The Mirrors Reflection (More)

Firstly, Happy New Year! I’m assuming that the hangover has worn off, apologies have been made to the Neptune statue you so rudely fondled and you’re almost ready for the fresh week ahead.

The first week, carries so much optimism, so much hope. Those resolutions are freshly welded in your mind, the walkers are out, the joggers are pushing their limits and the cycle track between Bristol & Bath will see countless pound its track for the next two weeks.

But that’s it, about two weeks. I was recently reading that the average new-years-resolution, lasted approximately 11 days. ELEVEN DAYS!!! That’s pretty bad and spurred me to consider a resolution that was so simple, but equally diverse, so that no matter what, it would be continued.

My conclusion, ‘Like’ My Reflection

There after bushing my teeth, it hit home, the bearded ape in the mirror needed to look no further that the reflection that was presented in the mirror.

If I ‘Like’ the reflection, then I shall be happy(ier).

It was brutally that simple. Now this got pretty deep quickly, but I needed to keep on track, I decided that each day, if I am not happy with the reflection that was shown to me in the mirror, I will change something, it doesn’t need to be massive, just something.

To start my new years day, I took a shave. For those who have know me, I have sported a goatee since about 17 and for the best part of the past 10 or so years & have had a beard covering the rest of my face, its now gone, well with a token V left behind.

This lead me to ponder further possibilities, because its so simple, anything will work:

  • Picking up something on the stairs to go up, which I would have normally passed over
  • Spending those extra few minutes with my little ones to help them learn or master something new
  • Donating just £1 to a random charity I have never heard of
  • While driving letting someone out, whom I’d glazed over before
  • Telling my partner, that I love her, randomly
  • Helping a random stranger in a forum I have never visited before
  • Instead of just chopping the barrels & barrels of wood for Grampy every Sunday, I’ll try and stack them too.
  • Putting up a bird table


I’m sure I will come up with others, the first few changes I make will be probably visual, but as I’m typing this, I am about to leave my office, I have already decided that today I will buy a copy of the ‘Big Issue’ magazine that helps homeless people. Rather than glazing over the chap, that’s been freezing his nuts off all day with a lame mumbled ‘no thanks’.

Maybe I’ll make a point of standing and chatting to him, maybe I’ll get him a coffee next time, maybe, maybe… I’ll like my reflection even more tomorrow, than I do today.

Happy New Year.

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  1. Matthew Ogborne
    Matthew Ogborne says:


    I believe that a nice update for this post would be to say, that his name is ‘Windsor’, we spoke for about 10 mins, it was really quite interesting to hear a completely different view on the world.

    I was also quite surprised on the quality editorial content of the ‘Big Issue’, I don’t know why, I must have read an old issue and written it off, how sorely wrong was I. The article on Prince William was really good amongst the others.

    I walked past another chap on Wednesday, its played on my mind, I should have stopped, it was only £2. I’ve regretted that for the past two days. Him, as was Windsor was freezing their nuts off, I some-how feel I need to redeem myself and deliver a cup of coffee on the way past while picking up the next edition.

    This mirror lark is excellent, tiny wins each day and it has a bloody conscience too :X

    Enjoy your Friday,


  2. Philip Stradling
    Philip Stradling says:

    …but MAYBE you’ll be too busy running late to get one of the kids to football, the other to flute. dozens of emails to answer, new inventory to create, get a fuse for the car electrics and the “day job” starts in 30mins.


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