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Last year I offered the opportunity for 5 businesses to work with me for free for two months, I was blown away by the response and it actually ended up being six and we had an excellent time with some outstanding results.

ebay Shops LogoThis time around I would like to extend another free invitation to you on the topic of eBay Shops for up to 5 businesses. Size does not matter, if you’re really small, just started or have been trading for years, I’d love to hear from you.

I have a couple of questions for you, if you are saying yes to any of them, the application form is at the bottom of this page & I’d love to hear from you.

  • Have you ever wondered how you can maximise your eBay shop to its full potential?
  • Maybe you set it up months ago and have it on your to-do list and would like to revisit it?
  • Would you find value in a personalised & group 101 session on maximising the potential of your eBay shop?
  • Are you about to hit the subscribe button and open your eBay shop for the very first time?
  • Do you have some free time in the evenings over the next two weeks to tackle these issues head on?

What Exactly I am Offering

I feel it really important to stress that I have no affiliations with any design company and will not try and sell you any products or services. I am solely interested in creating the best guide possible and I will be adding a video of the invitation just for you next week.

The invitation is to work with myself and the other selected businesses & individuals as a group to improve your the effectiveness & appearance eBay Shop. The course will span approximately three to four hours over a period two weeks in a schedule similar to the below:

  • Meeting 1 – Introductions & eBay Shop Discussion
    You’ll not be asked to complete any silly introduction games. We’ll meet as a group & introduce ourselves to each other, have a chit-chat, identify common issues, questions, and concerns and note them for action in the next two meetings.
  • Meeting 2 – One on One Time
    This is where we get to work together one-on-one and address any questions you may have around your eBay shop and work together to action them.
  • Meeting 3 – Strategy
    With the basics addresses, set up a guide for you to follow. Remember there is no magic bullet, just hard work on both our parts. I am working on a creating a guide for us to follow for this.
  • Meeting 4 – Final Call
    Meeting as a group again, to re-evaluate our progress as a group and to share our experiences.

Our time together will really be what you make of it, I’ll do my best to help you where ever I can in relation to your eBay Shop. The meetings will span two or so weeks and obviously you’ll need to be available to join in for the two group meetings and the two meetings directly with myself.

I will be asking you to complete a short questionnaire before we start, with questions like who you are, what your business does and how you currently feel about your eBay Shop. This will give us the base to work from and a reference point to come back to at the end of the course, where I’ll ask you to complete another short questionnaire.

The Purpose

Let’s be very clear here, I am writing a guide titled “The Ultimate Guide to eBay Shops” and would like several case studies to included.

It’s not going to be of those crappy half-cut affairs, its really going to be the de-facto-standard for setting up and leveraging the eBay Shop as a sales platform.  The guide is going to have my name and face attached to it, so obviously I have a strong desire that it’s of the highest standards as possible, after all, it’s going to be directly representing myself & abilities.

The guide will be given away free on this site and my aim is that there will be zero advertising included, any tools or applications included will be free or based upon merit, not paid inclusion.

Restrictions & Terms

There are a couple of restrictions and terms, they’re pretty straight forwards, but need saying:

  • UK, USA & AU businesses welcome!
    The invitation is only open to companies and individuals that have UK, USA or AU based eBay Shops
  • Its not a replacement for bespoke design requirements
    This is not a replacement for bespoke custom design services. I will help if I genuinely can, however the design element is only one part of the eBay shop setup.
  • Sorry no REALLY big businesses
    This invitation is not open to businesses that are either enterprise or strategic eBay accounts
    (If you have no idea what these are, it doesn’t apply to you)
  • No need if you’re an existing client of Matt’s
    Existing customers of mine need not apply, we’ll work through this as a matter of course.
  • Good Spoken English
    You must speak excellent English and have access to a computer that has a stable Internet connection and a headset/microphone or access to a phone line.
  • 4 Hours Total
    We could talk for hours on the eBay shop, so a sensible limit is 4 hours total, this includes group time as well.
  • Be available in the evenings 
    You need to be available in the evening around 19:00 GMT on weekdays (this is 14:00 EST)
  • You’re OK with this being used commercially
    You’re happy with your eBay shop being used in such a guide, both front end and backend views being included (obviously no financial information) and agree to sign a waiver to any rights to the included content that may be used commercially (this is just to cover my rear as I intend to create a specific version for the Kindle).

I am a Design Company That creates Designs for eBay Businesses & Would Like to get Involved

This part is just for design companies.

I understand that you may be interested in being featured in such a guide, however, my primary concern with this is that I do not wish for the guide to be biased in any shape or form. I will be including numerous examples and if your work is of mentionable “merit”, then it will be naturally included.

However, I do have one requirement that you may be able to help me with and that is the cover of the guide. The guide is being created in Word in A4 landscape and may be ported to In Design for the final stage before publication. If you feel that you will be able to assist me in creating the cover that such a guide deserves, then use the application form below.

Closing Date

The closing date for this opportunity is:

Friday 16th March at 17:00 GMT

I will work through the applications on that weekend. If the response is anything like the opportunity last years attracted, this will take me some time to work my way through them.

However I will reply to you personally and please don’t take personally if you’re not selected, remember the final guide will be given away on this site and you will be able to benefit even if you’re not selected.

Application Form

I’d done my best to keep it as simple as possible and there is an edit box where you can add any extra information you feel is important. I’ll ensure that the five businesses that are selected are from non-competing product areas, so that we can keep the barriers of competition as low as possible.

As we’ll be using GoToMeeting to host the calls & screen sharing where required, at no point will I need your login details to any account and please do not include these as they’re not needed. You will not be added to any mailing list and I will reply personally to each application.

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Looking Forward to Working With You!

I’m really looking forward to working with you, if you have any comments or suggestions on how to maximise your eBay Shop then I’d love to hear from you and let me know in the comments box below.


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