A Couple Of New eBay Stores I Didn't Know Of

A Couple Of New eBay Stores I Didn’t Know Of

In this article, I’m sharing some observations of several of the larger eBay trading names and hight street names. It’s quite brief I know, but I will be releasing an interesting chart in the next few weeks and this will help add an extra dimension to it.


Previously Known High Street Names

HiTec had launched properly on eBay and have amounted over a thousand feedback, their eBay shop is here http://stores.ebay.co.uk/hi-tecstore.

Theentertainertoyshop had a storming Christmas on eBay, well over a quarter of a million pounds worth of kit sold in December and easily 15,000 lines sold. While not the most attractive of listing deployments, you can’t knock the sales volume.

ASDA haven’t yet surfaced, the previous eBay shop that was sent in has now closed, although I did find them quite quickly here. I’m sure they’ll make an appearance soon enough in the next few weeks (if they’ve got this far, there must be some external factor holding them back).

New To Channel /Me

This is definitely a month of new eBay stores that I didn’t know were up and running, some have a huge amount fo feedback and there is a general theme too, they’re mostly being run off a company called RedStar.

Adams is a new one on me this month and they’ve turned up on the radar with +600 feedback, so they’ve obviously been around for a while. Judging by the artwork, this has been developed by an in-house team, you can view their eBay shop here http://stores.ebay.co.uk/adams-clearance. They’ve not had a bad month with sales in the region of £3,000 for December.

HughesDirect is also a new one to me too. They appear to be using Velocity, which also relatively new to me as well. I only know of a tiny number of merchants using it.

Another new one on me is Deamon Tweeks Direct. I’d not say they’re covering massive volumes with just over a hundred sales this month, but its a name I recognised and they’ve got themselves to +6000 feedback so far and are like HughesDirect using Redstar.

HelpDeskit may not appear to be a brand name (to me anyway, correct me if I’m wrong), but its sporting an enterprise based eBay shop, which makes me wonder that while they may not be classed as an outlet per-say, they’re definitely at the upper end of eBay’s account manage scale, which is surprising as their sales for December are below £100K.

General Imaging have appeared under the Hut-Group banner, no feedback yet, but it looks like everything is almost in place for trading.


It appears Henleys have had an interesting Christmas period, sales have dropped right off and the ID is attracting an unhealthy amount of neutrals & negatives. It sat on 7 negs & 7 neuts for 163 positives currently. Knowing that negatives attract negatives, I’m sure we’ll be seeing another 10 land on this account in the next 10 days or so.


As I said quite brief and this article will make more sense at the end of the month.


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