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Barclays LogoI got a call from a client asking if I would attend this with them, sounded interesting and I gladly accepted (to be honest I was thinking plush sandwich spreads and my sole addiction coffee, but hey!).

After getting the awkward ‘everyone stand around and chat crap session’ or ‘networking’ to the professionals. We were ushered in and were presented with our local (will explain more in a mo) and very competent host for the evening.

It was explained that we’ve have a chat with a local Bristol business that had been going through success and that the two main sessions would be hosted live from London.

An interesting note from the Bristol host was that a whopping 89% of the businesses that attended the seminar expected to grow in the next year, this was amazing considering the most gloomy outlook we were presented with Heck & the big wigs in London.

Their MD did a very good job at batting some very awkward questions from the audiences. But after we were greeted by far too much blusher (personal joke), the real star of the show was Paul Lindley of Ella’s Kitchen.

Paul was bursting through the dull-ness of the others and a firm favourite amongst everyone in the room. The funniest moment of the entire night was the gasps that that of his team of 30 he has one full time person to look after web PR. They seemed shocked by this, it seemed only natural to the people I was sat with…

In short, the second session lags, but its worth attending for the Mariot Hotel spread before and after, but just to listen to Paul from Ella’s Kitchen.

On a side note, it was interesting, after getting home, scanning the fridge I spied two pouches from Ella’s Kitchen, when quizzing my partner of this, she replied with ‘Yea she ate a whole one of those tonight’, which was ace considering my youngest has only just started eating ‘real food. 10/10 for market identification Paul *claps*

For anyone wishing to join, you can visit if you’re ‘up North’ on the 8th or listen live from the web, see for more information and yes its free.

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