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What You’re Missing Out on Every Tuesday


Each Tuesday at 10am myself & Dave hold a virtual coffee morning with business owners just like you. It’s free to join and the coffee is optional if it’s not your thing.

This post is an insight to into what you’ve missed so far and a chance for you to pick one that you’d like to listen into.

It's About the Chance to get a result

Click the image to view a recording of this coffee morning

We knew it was going to be the first day back in the office for many of you, so we need to keep things fast and to the point.

This was a fast paced, motivating coffee morning to get you in the spirit of digging in deep and dealing with the backlog from the Easter bank holiday.

With Lewis Hamilton winning the Formula One on the weekend, it seemed fitting to use his success as an example.

Lewis didn’t just turn up and go for a spin in a fast car, he’s been at it since he was 8 years old. He’s put in the time and progressed through the ranks to where he is today.

The thing is other people focus upon the trophy, the result.

But we’re different, you’re different. You know that’s all about the small things.

If a brake pad fails, the car is in the wall on the next bend, the driver is just as important as the smallest of parts. If one of these fail it’s the difference between having a chance at coming first or smashing the car, it’s that simple.

You can view a recording of this coffee morning here (held on 22nd April).

Its all about the Data

Click the image above to view the coffee morning recording

Data, something that was noted back in 2011 right here is the lifeblood of your business.

The pretty pages that customers see on the marketplaces like eBay & Amazon or on your website, they’re just that “Pretty”.

It’s the data behind the pages that really matters.

If you have clean, flexible data then you can do anything. You can sell on eBay (multiple times), Amazon, build your own websites and do just about anything.

In the coffee morning held on the 14th April, we looked at data and how we (and you) should look at the world differently, much differently.

You can view a recording of this coffee morning here (held on the 15th April).

eBay Best Match 101

eBay Best Match 101

Click the image to view the recording

What is the difference between the old search engine Voyager and the new eBay search engine Cassini?

If you sell on eBay you need to know this stuff.

The fundamental difference between them is the old search engine only searched the title, Cassini, well that can do pretty much anything eBay wants.

This now means that no one thing is the important factor for getting your eBay listings ranked highly, it’s a combination of lots of things all put together to get the results you’re looking for.

The coffee morning on eBay’s Best Match was a dry run for that evening over in Newport for the Online Seller Wales Events event held by Prabhat Shah.

The irony was that that evening I presented the same slide deck to a room of ~35 cool people (see here for photo’s, I’m the chap in a black jumper also note cool people = business owners like you), the thing is it wasn’t scary.

What was scary was presenting it for the first time that morning to a group of over twice that size on the coffee morning. A group of business owners just like you who want to succeed online with the marketplaces.

And yes you guessed it, there is a recording of this coffee morning right here.

M2E Pro Release Notes Reviewed

M2E Pro Release Notes

Click the image to view the M2E Pro Release Notes

If you’ve been a nuclear bunker for the past year you will have missed the discovery that you can use Magento and a eBay subsidised extension called M2E Pro to sell on to eBay & Amazon.

This is what I call the 3rd Generation (see part 1, part 2part 3 & part 4 for the history on this) and unlike the 2nd generation of multi-channel software, this generation is highly flexible and highly inexpensive.

M2E Pro the extension that gives you the ability to use Magento to list products onto the marketplaces, stock & price control and process orders received a huge update.

We knew about the changes way in advance thanks to a heads-up by the M2E Pro team and in coffee morning held on April 1st we looked in deep at what the changes were and how they affect you and your business.

If you are using M2E Pro then you’ll want to take a look at the full rundown of the release notes here and a recording of the coffee morning is also included too.

Next Tuesday?

The problem with the recordings is that they’re just that, they’re recordings. 

The audio quality is miles better on the live version (you just need a headset or speakers to listen in) and also you don’t get a chance to ask any questions you may have there and then.

Next Tuesday there is going to be another coffee morning, the following Tuesday another and so on…

Don’t miss out next week you can register your seat for free using the button below:

See you on Tuesday morning at 10am,


PS. The coffee is optional, some prefer gin, special brew or even tea :)

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