Wednesday Workshop – Questions Answered

I wanted to start by saying “thank you“. The workshop was fully subscribed at in total there were 81 participants on the Webinar! I was quite taken back by the number of people that attended and thank you for attending.

Also as part of the Webinar you also gained a taste for what this whole “ProjectE thing” was about and where its heading. For those who didn’t attend, sorry I’m not publishing the details here and are saving it for another day.

I’m learning too!

The biggest take-away from the Webinar for me was that you can actually expand the questions box outside of the tiny side bar of the Webinar tool.

I was using the three screens, one to run the live view from which you saw, the main screen for notes & the webinar tool and the other to make any edits on-the-fly to the power-point presentation.

I did think I had everything “licked”, however the questions box was really small and after a few questions, it scrolled in itself and it wasn’t until afterwards I found that one could expand it out into a single window.

Your questions answered

My apologies for not answering these live, I don’t think I’ll be making that mistake again and here are the questions and the crucially answers:

Thanks Matt. Very useful information. Would like to see something on sourcing products once you have done the research on what sells. Also some more detailed info on keywords particularly with the increase coming up on eBay shortly.
– Lynn 

I’m going to avoid the first part of that question as that is something I am working on for the UnderstandingE project, its at 7,000 words at the last count and is aimed at taking you through the right way of doing this with not a single mention of “Secrets” which drives me bonkers.

The second part regarding keywords, this is something I’m aware I did not drill down upon at all in the webinar, its something you can easily gleam basic ones from eBay Pulse or by researching categories / products in Terapeak and is really specific to your products.

A lot of the information seems to be for an average sale. Is there any way of drilling down further? eg gold rings data average sale price is fairly meaningless
– Rik 

Yes, the keyword research which we covered had two issues:

  1. It was generic
  2. It wasn’t drilled down far enough

We also did not carry the research as far as it could or rather should be taken, using the drill options on the left (as I pointed out) and also investigating the top sellers for the keywords in a specific category.

Is there a way of checking competition webstats?
– Jagg

Yes, there are ways of finding out ‘rough’ information, however they tend to be wholly inaccurate on smaller sites and tend not to provide anything substantial. This tends to be quite in-precise and its not something I intend to cover.

Hey its cheaper on Terapeak.com!

I checked that this morning, the UK site is £9 and the US site is $9.75 which is about 30% cheaper!

Video Recording & Slide Decks?

As I type the recording from last nights Webinar is being converted to a more usable format and in both HD, SD & transportable (for iPods etc) formats, however I am posed with two issues:

  1. Hosting this is proving an issue as the it far exceeds the 15 minute limit on YouTube
  2. I have been asked not to publish this by a member of the UE team

I do apologise, I said I’d do so, until the above two are hammered out, I am unable to post them on-line. Starting the entire project wasn’t going to be easy and I knew I was going to put myself in some awkward situations, this is one of them and I currently do not know the correct path to follow.

Your Feedback

I’ve received some fantastic feedback on the Webinar and are looking forward to putting these into practice. If you do have any comments, I’d love to hear from you and you can either contact me on the Contact Matthew page or use the comments box below.

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