Sell More Online With this One Simple Rule


We all want to sell more online right?

The thing is no-one ever shares with you how to actually to do this.

While recording a Webinar with Feedvisor two weeks ago, I only had 5 minutes to deliver amazing value to the attendees (people just like you). 5 minutes!!! I asked myself what one topic could I cover that would deliver amazing value to you in just 5 minutes and it made me think differently.

What I came up with was one simple rule. It’s a rule that anyone can use that has a product based business and it doesn’t matter if you’re selling on eBay, Amazon or your own website.

You can find out what this one simple rule is in the video below:

I knew I could do better for you…

After the Webinar I was happy with what I had covered in such a short space of time, but was missing was how to actually implement this in your business.

The missing part was a guide, a “cheat sheet” of steps that you can use in your business, regardless of size, sales channels or location.

And that’s what myself & Dave have spent the last week & more creating for you.

A series of steps that you can follow to really put yourself in the shoes of your customers, to help you think like your customers and be like your customers.

I’ve never written anything like this before and the feedback we’ve had has been amazing (personally I’m humbled by the feedback we’ve had already) and I think you’re going to love it.

Sell more online Cheat SheetIn this cheat sheet you’ll learn:

  1. The steps that customers make to find your products and how you can follow the same steps yourself
  2. How to use a free online tool to find keywords that your customers are using based upon factual information
  3. How & why video is lethal and how to add to add video to your product pages
  4. How to get video on to Amazon product pages
  5. Why you shouldn’t forget about the other 70% of people that are finding you, with steps to follow your customers regardless of the browser, device or app they are using
  6. What words to strip from any product description that are stopping customers from buying from you
  7. How to think like a customer on a time-scale of just 10 seconds
  8. How to get constructive feedback from friends, family & even your postman

Oh and we also included a bonus step, which will allow you to see exactly what your customers are seeing when they buy from you.

Take Action

We wrote this eBook so that you can take action right now in your business and get under the skin of your customers, see what they are seeing. And understand why or why not they’re buying from you and coming back for more.

You’ll learn how they find you, the distractions that they have and this isn’t like anything else that you’ll find on the internet.

I wanted something I could be proud of, something that would make a huge positive difference to your business. The comments we’ve received from industry experts such as Jane Bell, Shmuli Goldberg, Andy Geldman, Abbas Tharkar, Scott Galvao, Carlo Silva & others are testament to this.

Download Your Free Copy:

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PS. There are actually 6 steps, with the bonus step you’ll really see what your business looks like to your customers.

What the Experts are saying:

Jane Bell“This isn’t the usual stuff you can read anywhere.”
Jane Bell, eBay Consultant

Shmuli Goldberb“One of the hardest things for any online seller to do is to stop thinking like an online seller! It’s the customers that are making your sales at the end of the day, and learning to think like one is crucial for any online business.”
Shmuli Goldberg, Feedvisor.

Andy Geldman“Busy sellers can get completely wrapped up in the mechanics of their business, and forget to look at themselves from a buyer’s point of view. UnderstandingE’s fantastic guide helps online retailers break away from introspective thinking, with five really simple and practical steps that help sellers think like buyers.”
Andy Geldman, Webretailer

Abbas Tharkar“Matt & Dave make what can sometimes be a challenging world of eCommerce so much simpler, with systematic and realistic approaches to good business.”
Abbas Tharkar,

Scott Galvao“Finally, an easy to implement litmus test which fosters a new perspective and reframes your online business strategies.”
Scott Galvao, Intercultural Elements

Carlo Silva“Finally, a comprehensive guide in plain English that teaches sellers the basics of online selling! Whether you’re a new or experienced online seller, this guide will teach you all the basics so you can have the foundation for a successful online business. If your struggling with your online business, then maybe it’s time to go ‘back to the basics’.”
Carlo Silva, 2ndOffice

Oliver Rhodes“The customer-eye-view taken by Matt & Dave in this guide is something everyone in eCommerce needs to learn. Great customer experience and retention = repeat purchases, increased order value and…Profitability!.”
Oliver Rhodes, Peoplevox

Rob Abdul“Excellent guide for start up on-line sellers! This guide will help you to build strong foundation for your eCommerce venture.”
Prabhat Shah, DayToDayeBay

Rob Abdul“This is very comprehensive and a grass roots approach; if followed to the letter, in my professional opinion it will affect your bottom line.”
Rob Abdul BSc(HONS) PgCert PgDip MSc,

Anthony Trollope“The helping hand that any aspiring e-tailer needs to be successful.”
Anthony Trollope Founder, The Wholesale Forums

Your Feedback

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact myself or Dave. We’ve included our contact details in the guide too, because your feedback matters.


Matt & Dave

Get Your Copy Right Now:

I respect your privacy

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