Content Creation Services

Unique, quality content is the life blood of a quality website.


By having great quality, hand written content that is relevant and on-topic for your website is not just fantastic for drawing attention from search engines, but also (amazing) engaging for website(s) users.

Content creation is key area of what I do as part of my affiliate marketing business. I attract customers with quality unique content to very specialised websites, that converts browsers into buyers.

Matthew’s Content Creation Team

Its absolutely critical that content is delivered quickly, correctly and on time for my projects. I can be working on up to 15 projects at anyone time and I need my team to deliver every-single-time.

Because of this, I have a dedicated content creation team that churns out content at an alarming rate. Its taken me months & months to bring the team up to where I believe they should be and the quality & speed is just amazing.

Its well known that search engines are becoming sensitive to grammar, spelling and even semantics, that is why my team have been trained to understand the differences between UK, US and school ‘taught’ English.

Knowing that a mobile phone is not a ‘cell phone’ and that everything should not be ‘perfect product’ or ‘best product’ that you find in sub-quality-outsourced writers. One of my content writers knows more English ‘slang’ that what I do and leads to some very interesting content I can tell you!

The team never keyword spam, instead relying upon a set of ‘topics’to guide them, they are capable of producing well written content time and time again. They never work to a 250 words exactly rule, some times they’re under, most of the time they’re over.

Content Creation Pricing

Content creation can be extremely expensive, I have seen (and urge you to verify this) prices starting around the £20 for 750 word articles, £15 for 500 words and £10 for 250 words, plus most companies won’t even quote for 150 word articles.

Myself & my team can offer complete ‘blog management services’, this includes timely content creation, optimisation, custom design services, email marketing and very fast deployment times.

My team specialise in consumer electronics and both Men’s and Women’s fashion, but are fast to pick-up new areas when required to do so.

Contact Matthew Today

Below are some helpful tips for contacting myself regarding content creation & blog management services:

  • Number of articles & frequency
  • Topics of articles
  • Desired word counts
  • Previous example articles that you have created
  • Platform (wordpress, blogger, blogspot etc) or just that you’ve not started yet and need help

If you know what you are looking for or are in need of guidance contact Matthew today, he will be able to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. Quotes are of course free and please provide as much information as you feel is necessary.

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