Understanding your competitors businesses better than they probably know themselves.


What is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence is the defining, gathering, analysing and distributing intelligence about a company, its products & services, its competitors and any aspect that affects the company in question.

This is a legal and ethical business practice, which allows executives and managers in making strategic decisions for an organisation.

What Matthew Can Offer

Using cutting edge data research tools to provide data to a report that contains quality, useful information on your competitors. Matthew is able to actually give you the raw data to manipulate and report on as you require.

Matthew’s expertise is in eBay, Amazon and Website sales information. Detailed information is available for eBay, relatively detailed information is available for Amazon and Website sales can be estimated using external tools along with the combination of external data gathered by other means.

In some cases, a clients requirement is to understand an entire category of products or how a certain brand or type of product sell and whom sells them and how. Then as part of the report a strategy can be compiled to aid the entry into the marketplace.

Common Competitive Intelligence Report Contents
Matthew works directly with his clients to understand their goals from a competitive intelligence report. Here are some common parts that are included:

  • Identification of other business entities linked to the main company
  • Top selling products by value
  • Top selling products by quantity
  • Per category reporting
  • Gross monthly sales (GMV)
  • eBay Listing Formats
  • Conversion rates on time of day
  • Sell Through Rate
  • A break down of best selling categories
  • An idea on website traffic
  • Best selling Amazon Products

Going Two Steps further

Matthew can add the second & third dimensions beyond just reporting, using his +9 years of eCommerce experience he can help you understand the data and give you the edge on your competitors with both their current strategy but also a strategy to level the playing field.

Supplier Identification

In some cases, specific suppliers can be identified and then reported against. As a separate service Matthew can locate you suppliers for specific product requirements.

Contact Matthew Today

If you know what you are looking for or are in need of guidance contact Matthew today, he will be able to assist you with any questions or queries you may have.

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