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Personal Music for Working To

Published on November 17th, 2012 | by Matthew Ogborne


What Music Do You Listen To While Working?

Music for Working ToMusic is such a powerful medium and I’ve always found that the right tune can help me get through the early hours when completing a project or to just help the day fly by.

I’ve included three of my personal favourites below and they sum up the wildly different tastes in music I have and a little background to why I use them and when I use them too.

These are my tastes but I’d really like to know which tracks give you the chill’s and help you get through your working day. You can let me know them in the comments section at the bottom.


The first is a motivational track taken from Madagascar 3 (mint film by the way, have you seen it yet?) which I use for when I’m working on a tough project and needs me break from the self-doubt I struggle with badly.

Dig Deep and Make the Hours Fly By

The second is actually a collection of classical tracks that I loop through when I need break those small hours and dig in deep and push through. The playlist is here.

Change My State of Mind in 1 Minute

And if I get really stuck, then this tune always liven’s me up.

But it comes with a warning… You might want to turn the sound down before playing as the intro is ‘loud’, hence why I use to change my state of mind and that dude in the orange shirt at 1:00, that’s me, well mentally anyway.

What Gives You Chills?

That’s enough about my tastes, what do you use to:

  • Spur you on?
  • To relax with?
  • Change your state of mind entirely?

Let me know by leaving a link or track name in the comments box below.

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2 Responses to What Music Do You Listen To While Working?

  1. Hey Matt

    Just finished an article whilst listening to some music to push me through the typical Sunday distractions. I have an incredible range of music taste. On my iPod some of my most listened to music ranges from Michael Buble to Guns N Roses. Ben Howard to Swedish House Mafia and some Katy Perry thrown in for some good measure.

    Today I found “Run This Town” By Jay Z and Rihanna great for motivating me to keep going and just to push yourself generally.

    Another fave at the minute is “Don’t you worry child” By Swedish House Mafia. Both have played a key part in me getting stuff done recently.

    It’s funny how music can affect how you work and your mood etc


  2. What Music Do You Listen To While Working?: Music is such a powerful medium and I’ve always found… @lastdropofink

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