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Did you know you’re really lucky if just 10% of Amazon buyers leave feedback? And I’d personally be really impressed if 1% of customers were leaving reviews on your products.

I was sat sipping a coffee in my favourite cafe, pondering about the lack of feedback comments and reviews that we get on Amazon and they’re really low, hardly anyone leaves feedback on Amazon and when they do, it’s normally not the best, it’s why Amazon feedback is always so hard to improve.

When it comes to reviews on products for Amazon, they are golden tickets. A review can make or break a listing.

I was talking to a footwear seller earlier this week, they had a specific range that flies on eBay, but on Amazon, nothing. The answer was immediately apparent when they checked.

The reason why for such disparity? One bad review of the product and that had sealed its fate on Amazon forever. But on the flip side, did you know that on average, the top 100 selling items on Amazon have over 100 reviews on them, averaging one review per day?

Reviews are extremely powerful and when it comes to reviews, you can never have enough of them.

At the bottom of this article I have an invitation for just 3 people to come “Beta test” a product that can make a serious dent in the low number of product reviews and feedback received. 


Amazon Feedback Manager

I’ve been working on a tool to help improve the pick-up on Amazon feedback comments that are left and also reviews being left for products. This is for business owners just like you and it’s now ready for beta testing.

Let’s be frank here, I’m not suggesting spamming customers with crappy feedback requests, what I am suggesting is that a well structured, personal approach will work and playing the “we care” card with customers can and does work especially if we’re doing it the right way.

Digging around the T & C’s on Amazon, sending an email to an Amazon buyer with shipping information isn’t allowed, but nudging customers along to leave a product review or feedback on Amazon, actually isn’t against any of their policies.

This system is already up and working with a user right now and I’ve included a screenshot of the dashboard below.

Amazon Feedback Manager

As you can see I’ve been busy and there is some basic reporting included on the dashboard (which need more work) and you’re able to keep track of yours orders, their status and communication history.

The way the system works is that it’s not randomly sending out emails willy-nilly, they are highly personalised with a message that would make me leave a comment and also I’m working on timing them so that they are sent in the same time window for when they were purchased and a few days later, after we know that the items will have arrived with them.

Note: I do feel important to note that although the order data and line items are being pulled from Amazon (and I looked at the other parts of the Amazon interface and thought “that’s easy”), there is absolutely no intention to expand this out to full-blown order management software, remember I’ve been there and done that before, twice!

Update: All places for the beta have gone! If you’re interested in this application, then it will be live soon and you can register your interest here.

There are only 3 places available because each setup will be personally guided through by myself, so that we both work together to ensure that this works for your business.

So my question is:

Would it help your business if customers were leaving more product reviews and you saw an increase in feedback left on Amazon?

If the answer’s yes and you’re processing over 100 orders per month, then I’m looking for just 3 beta testers to trial this for a month and I’d like you to be one of them.

If this is something you’d like to be involved in, then contact me via the contact form here, including a link to your Amazon store/feedback page and a little more about you & your business.

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    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Dan,

      The one email that they’ll go nuts at is the shipping confirmation, to the best of my knowledge (and I’ve scanned the T&C’s like a hawk), it’s allowed.

      Just like anything, it can be done well or badly, hence the capping of 3 users to ensure that we get it done really well and the right way :)


      • Jamie
        Jamie says:

        Really? We’ve used a shipping confirmation email for quite a while…

        And know that most of our competitors do the same as well.

        We send far more than 100 orders a day – so will turn that off if it’s a serious issue – but we’ve had it on for a number of years…

      • Matthew Ogborne
        Matthew Ogborne says:

        Howdy Jamie,

        Yea that’s right they were disabled in eSellerPro when that was introduced.

        Also for Dan above, the options list of contact reasons in Amazon for an buyer messages in relation to an order:


      • Ashley
        Ashley says:

        Just to clarify, we can solicit positive “product reviews” from the buyers, not just the positive “seller feedback” (good to know that we can)? Also, what about asking buyers to remove negative feedback and reviews? Not allowed?

      • Matthew Ogborne
        Matthew Ogborne says:

        Howdy Ashley,

        The issue with the feedback or review would have been resolved before asking them to remove the comments. With that being the case, it wouldn’t be an issue :)


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