Wednesday Workshop with ChannelGrabber

Webinar #2 With ChannelGrabber & A Users Feedback

Well, that was an amazing turnout, thank you so much to those who attended. We had a few technical issues to begin with, just like losing the questions on the previous week, I’ll learn from this to ensure that they get better each time.

So… What was the Webinar about?

The webinar was hosted by myself and we also have three guests, the first was Daniel, the MD of ChannelGrabber, Matthew the product director and Jason, someone who uses ChannelGrabber to run his business from.

We were not only shown what this tool can do but also cover how it can help your business be more effective at selling online. This was clearly highlighted by the feedback from Jason in the webinar and look out for the pivotal question at the end.

An Introduction to Why You Need a Tool Like This

I felt it necessary to add a short introduction before we get into the Webinar, one because it’s very long, the second to highlight the 3 reasons why you need a tool like this.

They are:

  1. You’re not entering data into specific sites, rather you are entering into a single site and it makes updating the information later much easier
  2. You can manage your sales orders in a single place
  3. It’s one of the two big spikes in a business’s life (automation & sales channels)

The Webinar

I apologised about 20 times for “butting-in” but this is where I was thinking of you and that you may have not realised the impact or exactly what we were referring to, so felt it necessary to do so. (another apology here lol)

I take for granted the features found in ChannelGrabber and are doing my best to ensure that you fully understand what we’re covering.

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