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10CMS Presentation – Where ‘Apps’ Are Going, Maybe…

10CMS LogoThis presentation is not the clearest ever made, personally I think the camera on site was probably putting two presenters, John Williams & Rory Dennis off somewhat. However that aside I really think these chaps have something, even through its blatantly clear they’re not actually sure themselves what it is and how its to be deployed.

If you jump to around 11:30 in the video below, you’ll see their product that has enabled the embedding of a ‘hot spot’ and then the ability to take the user to the item or category page. There were other poorly described examples of flash based ‘hot spots’ (although I thought this was a simple to-do in flash anyway).

But getting to the good bit is where John Williams at 12:50 points out the forthcoming issues with ‘apps’ and their deployment. Where the question is raised about deplying such applications to multiple interfaces in multiple products , from the ipad & iPhone to the Galaxy and new BlackBerry.

How the ‘browser’ is likely to become the ‘application’ platform, not the phone itself. By using such an application to then ‘translate’ into the different platforms, without having work about the minute details for each. At first it sounds it might get rather ‘bloated’, but if it increases the time-to-market for multiple platforms, it has to be a good thing.

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