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The ShayTards – Hey! I’m vlogging here

Shay Carl & ShayTardsFor me, I cannot stand soaps, EastEnders, Coronation Street and so on… they all make me cringe and I’ve grown to strongly dislike the format and just get up and walk out when they come on. Tending to prefer factual ‘input’ where ever possible, either through the net, books or the iPlayer, plus my free time is normally late or exceptionally early in the day and there is little else on.

A prime example is I have thoroughly enjoyed ‘Wonders of the Universe‘ series and it kinda puts everything into perspective when you look at the world as a dot, with in billions of other stars and in some obscene amount of time, time will cease to exist.

I’m a little surprised I’ve not mentioned Shaycarl before on here, those who are linked to me on Facebook, see the odd post from me via YouTube about them. Today, I’m sharing my obsession with the outside world.

About ShayCarl

It started on March 5th 2009 and since then Shaycarl has literally posted a video a day and shared his life online with everyone.

His catchphrase is “Hey! I’m vlogging here!”

Prior to this Shaycarl was an evening DJ for station Z103, Idaho, US, where a video blogger called Philip DeFranco saw the response that Shaycarl had posted and decided to promote his content, increasing his number of views on the Shaycarl channel.

The Shaycarl channel now has over 890,000 subscribers, pimped over 12,000,000 channel views and the family centric version called the ‘ShayTards’s very quickly took in +800,000 subscribers, and some 62,000,000 channel views, which are insane numbers and they’re ranked in the top 25 channels on YouTube (anyone know a leader board for YouTube?)

Meet ShayCarl

Watch this, this kinda sets the tone of the rest of the videos, recorded in 2007, its gone downhill fast.

Meet The Tards

I can’t remember the first vlog I saw of the Shaytards (I should have just picked one at random), however it was one of the ShayTards and it just stuck. The ‘Tards’ are Shaycarls family and I’m 100% sure Shaycarl would not have been so sucessfull without the involvement of his family both in the video’s that are recorded but the 100% backing and inclusion from all of them.

Presented with his wife Katilette, they have four children, Sontard the eldest, Princesstard, Babytard and Rocktard the youngest, born in June 2010. I’m shutting up, meet them here:

Debt Free!!!

January 15th, 2011, they announced they were debt free. The VLog is below, its one of the most memorable, because of what its stands for and shows what can be done with determination and grit, oh and a whacky sense of humour and a very amusing family.

Two years

Thanks to Dave, this is the Two years VLog edition, enjoy!


You can subscribe via the following links below:

PS: This is a new super wide format I’m using, its all to do with the video’s and this might give you a hint of whats coming in the next few days ;-)

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  1. D Furness
    D Furness says:

    Hey Matt

    Great Blog post, Ive been a shay carl fan for a long time and I mentioned him as an inspiration on my blog a while ago, along with some one else. The little hint at the end there…could we be expecting a MO Vlog sometime soon? ha ha I know i keep threatening to do something similar do a daily video diary, maybe one day il get round to it.

    Just going to post this here from 3 weeks ago, its shays 2 year anniversary vlog and is a good compilation of what they have acheived in those two years.–0bzsXII



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