The Only 3 Podcasts I listen to & Why

In the next few minutes, I’ll be taking you through a little bit about podcasts, what you need to listen to them and the 3 I listen to and why.

More podcasts than video channels

Podcasting has really taken off in the past few years and is more prolific than video, although I suspect as more and more devices integrate to the likes of YouTube, that video will become the more popular format.

There are millions and millions of podcasts and wading through them all can be difficult, that’s where iTunes comes in handy as the podcasts are well organised and you can easily find a topic that interests you.

iTunes is required

ITunesWhile not absolutely required as I’m sure there are lots of “other” podcast sites, I’ve only really focused on iTunes. You can navigate a selection on the Apple website, however you really need the iTunes application to dig deeper and its free and can be found here.

The iTunes application lets you navigate the the podcast sections (and lots of other stuff too) and will manage the subscriptions you chose to subscribe to.

I personally find the app “clunky” (sorry but it is, must be Windoze eh?), but its worth figuring out as it makes subscribing and managing the subscriptions much, much easier.

The Business section

Now I’m only really interested in the Business section of the podcasts on iTunes and a direct link to these is here. The vast majority are free and there are also some paid-for versions, however I’ve never looked at those.

The variety is huge and you’ll find the obvious publishers, like the BBC and Bloomberg, I’ll leave you to dig around and see what you can find.

My top 3 podcasts that I actually listen to

Its quite tempting to just subscribe to everything, but frankly you’ll never listen to half of it, so instead I found a more focused approach worked and I never miss an episode of the three chosen podcasts and I strongly suggest you limit yourself to just a few and commit to them as well.

Six pixels of separation

While my first, this is always the last one I listen to in preference of the other two. Really informative and I find the presenters easy to listen to and equally I enjoy their content. You can find their podcast here.

Smart passive income

Pat Fylnn is author comes across as an extremely authentic person and holds little back. He’s a role-model that I’m using for some of the new projects you are experiencing. Frequent guest speakers and some really interesting insights. You can find Pat’s podcast here.

Virtual business lifestyle

Chris Ducker is well connected and I actually have three podcasts waiting to be listened to. One is with the legend “Chris Brogan” and another person of personal interest is “Gideon Shalwick” due to his activities with on-line video.

I like his[Chris’s] voice and the topics he covers. You can listen to his podcast here.


My biggest tip is to try and limit the number of podcasts you subscribe to, otherwise you’ll do what I did and get overwhelmed. I’ve found my three and they’re great when out on the bike, hiding from the kids or like right now, I have the speakers on and listening to one while I type.

You don’t need iTunes, but it makes life a lot easier and there is only one place you need to check for latest versions. In my example, that would be three websites, that ain’t going to happpen.

Stop - Take Action!What you waiting for?
iTunes is free and there is an obscene number of podcasts out there and I’m sure with a little narrowing down, you’ll find your 3 podcasts too.

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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    Hey Matt! Thanks so much for mentioning my podcast, and I have to reiterate the tip in this post: limit the things you’re subscribed to! Not just podcasts, but blogs and also newsletters. I had to learn this the hard way too, hehe.

    Thanks again, and I’m honored to be one of the three podcasts you listen to. Cheers, and all the best!

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Pat,

      I almost fell of my chair when the email came in that there was a comment from you.

      I’ve been reading & listening for the past 6 months or so now, exceptionally interesting content and you’ve nailed-down your niche exceptionally well. Something that I’m still trying to hammer out.

      When it comes to over-whelming amount of content out there, its picking a small number of them and focusing on them that seems to work, you’ve obviously had this experience too & its turning noise into a tangible conversation that one can follow.

      Really appreciate the comment, I think you may have made my month :D


      • Pat
        Pat says:

        Thanks for the compliments Matt, I appreciate it. Indeed – it doesn’t matter who you listen to or what you read unless you take tangible action – well said :)

        Have a good day/month! :)

  2. Dave Furness
    Dave Furness says:

    Morning Matt

    Not listened to two of them, but i can definitely support your recommendation of Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn, he has a really personable way with him, and like you said, you feel he holds nothing back.

    I’m still new to podcasts but doing a hit of research into them is on my ‘to do’ list.



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