Two Blatantly Excellent Marketing Ploys, One Really Cheap, One at £10,000

Morning, firstly a very Happy Friday. I am not entirely sure, but I have in the past few years been in love with Fridays, there is something special about them, I don;t even work in a traditional office environment, so its not the office atmosphere that kicks in, its.. something about Fridays.

McDonalds A Winner

Anyway, in a break away from the cell more commonly known as the office, I darted off to grab a pot of black gold (that’s coffee for those non coffee lovers), while sipping away and I noticed a stack of papers on the bin. Eh? Morning papers? I was reading How to Grow Your Business: For Entrepreneurs book at the time, but two people in front of me were happily reading way.

I ignored it for a bit and carried on reading, on the way out and emptying the tray (yes I was a Mc Muffin eater today) I took a closer look at the papers, they were yesterdays 3 star Evening posts. Amazing, they’re recycling ‘yesterday, yesterdays’ news for todays consumption.

What a stroke brilliance, yesterdays papers, recycled to use today and they’ve done nothing and exploited a product that would been previous;y trashed or put back in for recycling.

Econsultancy A Winner

The second one, is far more expensive, but so blatant, I love it. See the Econsultancy facebook page and take a read of the text down the right hand side:

We believe this’ll work, so Econsultancy CEO and Co-Founder Ashley Friedlein has gambled donated a £10,000 prize fund to keep you interested. The top 20 ‘influencers’ (defined by the amount of revenue generated) will take a share of the winnings as follows:

‘Human’, humorous, marketing, the best yet and its not even lunch time.

Whatever you are doing, be aware of whats going on around you, you never know when you’ll spot a brilliant marketing idea, sometimes they can be free, inexpensive or cost £10,000.

Enjoy your Friday and let it be a Happy one.

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