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New eBay Logo, Your Thoughts?

The first time I saw the new eBay logo it did it no favours, with shadow and weird background, instead if this is the first time you have seen, look below in awe.

New eBay Logo

I liked the old logo a lot it’s done well, but let’s be honest, it’s old and it’s time has passed. Sooner or later we were going to get an updated version, thank goodness they have not strayed too far away from the original and frankly I think it looks ok and thank goodness it’s nothing like the Olympics 2012 logo, that would have been a disaster, but… What do you think? Let me know in the comments box below.

PS. It’s Podcast day! I’ve just started editing and should be ready for 2pm :)

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    • Lead
      Lead says:

      Take at look at the ebay front page (when signed in), ebay themselves spell it “eBay” (e.g. “eBay Buyer Protection”) on most of their links. I guess they’ll have to be consistent before we are.

  1. John Hayes
    John Hayes says:

    The logo redesign is more important to the future of eBay (and if you sell on eBay – your business to boot) than most people would give it credit. I think it’s a good thing. The old “fun” logo served the company well – but as the market and its users mature – it’s time to grow up a little. Check out my recent post on the subject here:

  2. Lead
    Lead says:

    The old eBay logo was funky and to me inferred “we sell all kinds of stuff of different shapes and sizes”.

    The new logo is staid, linear, boring and has gone all corporate. It’s like they are taking the fun out of ebay.

    Perhaps this is a reflection on their new emphasis on buy-it-now and the big-players rather than what they know is their soul and their heritage… individuals selling individual, unique and often quirky items.

  3. Gareth Williams
    Gareth Williams says:

    While the Google logo has always been synonymous with simplicity, the Ebay one has always been more fun. Now, I can’t tell the difference!

  4. Dave Furness
    Dave Furness says:

    I’ll be honest, i’m not a fan, I did enjoy the old logo, and I think the new one is just lacking some inspiration.

    I might just be getting old now, and not liking change but i’m sure it will be a grower and no doubt a new page homepage design will be on it’s way and there will be people getting paid a damn lot of money to make sure this fits in with the ‘New eBay’

    Jury is still out for me though, give it a couple of weeks and I might have changed my mind :)


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