TFM&A & Not-So Light Reading List x7

By the time this is released I’ll almost be in London, its TFM&A time (see, I’m looking forward to the Keynotes from Google and Professor Malcolm McDonald. Although I do feel I need to divide myself between those and the other tasty sessions on offer. If you’re there, drop me an email to catch up during the breaks.

The WOM Factor

I’ve been chewing over the ‘The WOM Factor‘ I released on Friday, it received a lot of attention and I had an interesting conversation with a chap studying for his MBA over it.

We’re on to something with it, however as John inadvertently pointed out in the comments, it needs to take into account the sales volume also, because a business that is clearing a mere 400 items is no comparison for a business that clears ten times this in the same period.

Light Reading

I like to share what I’m reading, with the hope that others will share their experiences with their reading material. A recent example of this was from Sue Bailey and “The Tipping Point”, it was brilliant. If you have any suggestions, pop them in the comments section at the bottom

Book #1 – “The Tipping Point”

A stellar read, picked this up and literally did not put back down again. What makes an epidemic happen, why the little things count, why fixing a broken window or removing graffiti can change entire cities. More information on “The Tipping Point

Book #2 – “Smart Retail”

I’ve only just started reading this book, it was one of those books that were a suggested addon in Amazon and it was rated highly, so grabbed it. I’m only a few pages in but can already tell this is going to be a fab read. I’ll have most of this book covered by the time I get to London tomorrow. More information on “Smart Retail

Book #3 – Who Moved My Cheese

Wow, this was the kick up the arse I needed. Quite an amusing short read, put a lot of things in perspective. Wish I read it months ago. More information on “Who Moved My Cheese“.

Book #4 – MBA in a Day

Pfffft in a day, not likely. Part of the ground work I am carrying out, an interesting read and adds personal opinion/views to the MBA program.

Book #5 – Instant MBA

Another pffft, but still I felt was worth reading. I had paid £9 for this, but then was shown that it had gone to free on Amazon the next day. Quite a fast paced read and smoothed over most topics too much, again added a new dimension to the MBA program and only highlights I have sooooo much work in front of me.

Book #6 – Permission Marketing

The precursor to the “Purple Cow”, I’m sooooo much a Seth Godin fan, his view and take is so fresh compared to the stuffy writing and views that are about. This was definitely a pick up and read till the end.

Book #7 – Tribes

Another Seth Godin book. Understanding how tribes work, fits in well with the reading of “The Tipping Point” as they are both skirting the same idea, instead of 10 loyal parties, you need 10 groups of loyal parties and that’s when magical things happen. Not to make my role any harder or anything, just shed some possible light on the tasks in hand.

And More…

There are few others kicking around, I normally have four or so on the go and an audio book or two on the iPad/Shuffle while training. I have become quite a reading junkie as of late.

I seem to be going through one of those learning streaks (this is the third or fourth time I’ve been through one now), where all input of a certain kind is being taken in, but with anything, its the ALL in the application. Knowing is only one part, the application of knowledge is a completely different ball game.

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