The Top 10 FireFox Plugins That Make My Day

FireFoxOh how I do ore at the FireFox browser, yea its not as fast as Google’s Chrome or as widely supported as Internet Explorer but for customisation, oh my FireFox rocks and yours can too.

So here are my top 1o plugins and extensions for the FireFox browser, yes there are thousands and you could say XYZ should be here, but hey, this is my list!

  1. FireBug
    Oh how I could not live without this extension, it literaly saves me hours per day when developing and designing. With its click and highlight feature you can in seconds work out wtf is going on between code and css. Then change the code & CSS and see the affects instantly.
  2. Colourful Tabs
    No supprise when I say it colours the different tabs, but you can set specific colours for different websites, this is super handy when you always have a set number of tabs open with all your favourite sites open.
  3. Measure It
    This is a super little extension that allows you to measure objects on screen so you can find the dimensions in seconds.
  4. Colour Zilla
    Like that shade of pink sir? Well now is yours. Click the icon in the status bar, use the eye dropper and its yours!
  5. Remove Tabs
    I was supprised this was not included by default. This plugin allows you to close the tabs to the left or the right of the selected tab.
  6. Reload Every
    I find this addon extremely useful when I am waiting an update on a site. You can pick from range of times or specify your own time for the page to reload.
  7. AdBlock Plus.
    This has been ported to Chrome too. Get rid of pretty much ALL adverts, although it can be a bit ropey on YouTube.
  8. FireFox Sync
    Back up everything using thier backup service across your fav devices.
  9. Fire Gestures
    I first found this in Google Chrome, it was the first extension I added to Chrome, so found a similar version for FireFox. It allows you to navigate using your mouse movements. Takes some getting used to, but you’ll be speeding around in a fraction of the time.
  10. Anything that Looks Cool.
    Thats right there is no 10th. However take a look at the addons directory, if you have a need (or not) then its extremely likely someone has written an addon for it.
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