Using the form below, you are able to create powerful eBay listings, easily and quickly. The form allows you to enter your own template with keywords in them and for you to then to quickly create large numbers of listings using copy and paste.

For example if you add the keyword {{Description}} in your template and then add a description in the description box below, then where you have placed the keyword, it’ll be replaced with the text you entered in the description.

There are 5 bullet points you can use {{Bullet1}} to {{Bullet5}}, up to 15 images using keywords {{Image1}} to {{Image15}} and finally if you wish to do so, you may use {{Title}} to automatically insert a title into your template and has a bonus there is a special keyword called {{Buttons}}, enter your eBay shop URL and check the options you’d like and the buttons will dynamically appear in your listing.

An introduction to this eBay listing creation tool can be found here.

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